Teenage Pregnancy Counseling: Risks & Complications of Becoming Teenage Mother

Teenage Pregnancy Counseling

Teenage pregnancy counseling has become very important these days as the rate of teenage pregnancy is increasing day by day. There are many health organizations in the world who are giving educations related to teenagers and sex counseling. Teenagers becoming pregnant is nothing and the major causes are early adolescent sex behavior and early marriage. The incidents of rape on minor also contributes to the teenage pregnancy. Sex education among teenagers has become a need of the society. Such type of education will educate them on risks of becoming teenage mother, complications in pregnancy and post pregnancy risks, etc. In today’s world teenagers and sex counseling have become an interrelated term.

Teenagers during intercourse do use birth control measures and eventually they become pregnant. In many cases the girl is not aware of the pregnancy. It is only when they experience fetus movement they come to know that they are pregnant. Sex counseling is the best way to spread the awareness among teenagers of various risks and complications surrounding early pregnancy. According to a research it was founded that girls only become conscious about contraceptive after six months of intercourse. Every time it is not necessary that in teenage conception actual penetration takes place. Therefore, sex counseling has become very important to make them understand about responsible sexual behavior.

Risks & Complications of Becoming Teenage Mother

The obstetric problem is always associated with teenage pregnancy. Some of the symptoms of adolescent pregnancy are breast enlargement, fatigue, stomach cramping, vomiting, irregular periods, drowsiness, etc. Unnoticed teenage pregnancy can lead to many serious complications like hypertension, mental trauma, high blood pressure, anemia, etc. The other complications related to the infant are pre-mature birth, development disabilities, health problems, etc. As prenatal care is very less in teenage pregnancy the risk factors are also very high. The babies born to teenage mothers are more likely to receive improper less nutrition.

The lack of nutrition during the time of birth can lead to many health problems in the future growth of the child.

The conditions which give rise to teenage sex behavior are stress, lack of friends, early dating behavior, exposure to sexual violence, financial constraints, etc. Single motherhood is not very easy in today’s world. As social and emotional problems can disturb your life. Sex & pregnancy counseling to teenagers is a best way to make them educate on various issues related to teen pregnancy. Thus, the best way to reduce the rate of adolescent pregnancy is sex counseling.