Teen Pregnancy Symptoms, Consequences & Facts

Teen Pregnancy

When an underage girl becomes pregnant it is called teen pregnancy. The term has become very common these days and is one of the major issues that world is facing. Teen pregnancy can result in various health problems for both mother and the baby. The rates of such pregnancy has decreased considerably in the past couple of years. The major causes of teen pregnancy are early marriage and adolescent sexual behavior. The health problems among teenage has increased because of this problem. Safe sexual behaviors can prevent such type of pregnancy.

Symptoms of Teenage Pregnancy

The symptoms of teenage pregnancy are vomiting, missed period, breast enlargement, fatigue, stomach cramping, increased drowsiness, stomach cramping and irregular vaginal spotting. In most of the cases these symptoms are unnoticed and the girl comes she is pregnant when she feels the movement of fetus. An early diagnosis can prevent the girl from getting pregnant. The problems of obstetric and other health problems are associated with adolescent pregnancy. Teenage mothers are prone to problems like anemia, lower genital tract infections, fetal distress, pregnancy induced hypertension. Sudden infant death is one of the major risks in teenage pregnancy, this is because of small pelvis.

Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy

The consequences faced in adolescent pregnancy are low weight babies, high blood pressure, anemia and iron deficiency. The babies born to teenage mothers are prone to complications like minor acute infections, accidental trauma, etc. Lack of immunization can result in delay in the growth of baby. Teenage pregnancy is mostly unwanted which can lead to emotional trauma. The psychological development of the baby is effected because of early motherhood. Unwanted pregnancy can lead to many serious consequences. Teen pregnancy is also said to be one of the major causes of increase in the rate of unemployment.

Effects of Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy Facts

During child bearing teenage mothers are prone to prenatal risk. Sex education among teenagers have become very important these days as it can help to reduce the adolescent pregnancy. Giving less importance to contraception is also one of the causes of teen pregnancy. Being a teenage mother it is very difficult to lead life in industrialized country. Many girls fail to complete high school because of early pregnancy. One important concern related to teenage pregnancy is the premature birth. According to a research it was founded that teen mothers are likely to get less prenatal care. Safe sexual behavior and making teenage people aware of the risks of early pregnancy are the only way of prevention.