Sex After Childbirth: How Long You Have to Wait After Pregnancy

Sex After Childbirth

Childbirth involves a lot of care, adherence and guidance from the doctor. After childbirth there are a series of questions bothering the parent about their personal lives. One among them is the question about sex after childbirth.

Reluctance to Sex

it has often been noticed that after delivery the mother is a bit hesitant in maintaining a normal sex-life. There are certain reasons that might really restrict the mother to have sex, which is sometimes painful. It takes some time for the wound to heal where the incision is made. Episiotomy or the cut that is made to facilitate childbirth is one of the primary reasons. It might be tender and so requires some time to feel perfectly alright. The woman might be reluctant to have sex due to tiredness or exhaustion suffering due to the new baby. Here a factor of understanding and love is required as only that can relax her.

Precautions During Sex After Childbirth

When the baby is born it is important to have sex with a precaution. Taking safety measures after childbirth not only regulates unwanted pregnancy but also saves the mother from contracting any sexually transmitted disease. Emergency morning pills, contraceptive pills, male condoms, female condoms, withdrawal method or just natural family planning might be necessary as safety measures during sex after childbirth.

How to Have Sex After Childbirth

Choosing the right position while having sex is important. In this manner less pressure is exerted on the mother who is experiencing soreness in the pelvic region. Sometimes during this time the vagina feels dry. K-Y jelly might help cure the dryness and soothe the perineal region which is feeling tender. Select a time for intercourse, like when the baby is sleeping and you are not exhausted. This will give you enough scope for a pleasurable experience. Doing certain pelvic floor exercises also helps the muscles to work with ease after childbirth.

Sex is always a matter of comfort. Couples sometimes start routine sex within the first month after childbirth, some resists a gap of 2-3 months while a certain section even waits for 6 months to a year. Whenever the mother is comfortable and there is mutual understanding, there should not be any problems with that. You can surely wait for your doctor till the post natal checks are over, otherwise can start off when comfort levels are high.