Second Trimester Pregnancy Development: What to Expect

Second Trimester Pregnancy

Pregnancy Stage of mother is divided into three parts. These are First Trimester, Second Trimester and Third Trimester. Second Trimester is just the 13th to 24th weeks of pregnancy. During this period the real expansion of the body takes place. All the organs of the pregnant women takes a huge shape. This is possible due to estrogen. The blood circulation throughout the body remains stable.

During the 2nd trimester of pregnancy the consultant gynecologist pays importance to the following feature of mother’s health:-

  • Development of any new symptoms or discomforts
  • Weight of the pregnant mother
  • Mother’s blood pressure
  • Urine test to detect albumin and sugar
  • Growth, size and development of the foetus
  • Determination of the Condition of the Uterus
  • Determination of the height of the fundus (top of the uterus)

During the second trimester pregnant begins to feel better health wise. The signs of pregnancy become more prominent.

Second Trimester Symptoms and Development

During the Second Trimester during pregnancy, the condition of the pregnant mother remains stable. Also around this time, if any emergency surgery needs to perform by any surgeon apart from the gynecologist, can be done so. But the prior advise of the gynecologist should be taken by the pregnant mother’s family should be taken. Plus the time is safe all around. During the pregnancy stage, especially around the second trimester the possibility of miscarriage and labor plan is to early to be opined by the consultant. Say, for example if the gall bladder of the body is found damaged then with the cognizance of the surgeon and the consultant the surgery can be comfortably performed.