Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Chiropractic Adjustment While Pregnant

Can I Get a Chiropractic Adjustment While Pregnant?

Getting a chiropractic adjustment while you’re pregnant might seem like a good idea, but the thought that immediately follows is that it could potentially lead to complications. Some of the actions that are performed...
Acrylic Nails Put On When Pregnant

Can I Have Acrylic Nails Put On When Pregnant?

Acrylic nails are pretty and can be a quick and inexpensive pick me up for women of all ages, but can you get them when you’re pregnant? The only known danger from acrylic nail products...
Chicken Pox When Pregnant

Can I Be Around A Child With The Chicken Pox When Pregnant?

Chicken pox is that common childhood illness that causes red itchy spots all over your body. Highly contagious, most people will end up with a case of chicken pox before they reach adulthood, sometimes...
Diet Shakes When Pregnant

Can I Drink Diet Shakes When Pregnant?

Diet shakes are quick, easy and some of the flavors are fantastic, but should you drink them while pregnant? If you’re trying to lose weight and your pregnant you need to speak with your...
Donating Blood During Pregnancy

Can I Give Blood While Pregnant?

There are many women out there who would love to give blood while pregnant, but unfortunately they cannot. If you are one of those wonderful women who donate regularly to the blood institute you are...
Cough Drops While Pregnant

Can I Have Cough Drops While Pregnant?

Cough drops during pregnancy provide some immediate relief to a dry and scratchy throat, but is it safe for mother and her baby? Having sore throats and throat irritations are very common whether one is...
Can I Eat Lobster While Pregnant

Can I Eat Lobster While Pregnant?

With all the drama surrounding the seafood, does lobster make the list of banned foods while pregnant? During pregnancy, you should be very careful with what you eat. You are going through a sensitive phase,...