Pregnancy Symptoms: Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy vary from one person to another and these symptoms can be broadly classified into early signs and later signs of pregnancy. A few of the regular symptoms of pregnancy are, absence of menstruation, minor vaginal bleeding, swollen breasts, fatigue or sleeplessness, short term memory and nausea often coupled with vomiting and headaches. We offers relevant information on symptoms of pregnancy, which can be an useful guidebook to all the family members, as well.

One of the commonest Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms is when miss your period. However this is not the surest sign either and is just one possibility. When you miss your period you can well go and check with your doctor for a pregnancy test. There are home pregnancy tests which determine the hCG or the amount of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in your urine. The best way of determining your hCG is with the early morning urine which detects even the minute concentrations of hCG which could be present on your early pregnancy days. Another sign can be when if your feeling sick frequently mostly in the mornings.

It is always good to detect pregnancy in the early days. This will only help you in starting your prenatal care the earliest possible. Even though there are quite a few Early Pregnancy Sign which are helpful in detecting pregnancy, these are not absolutely reliable since these symptoms can be shared by other body related problems as well and are nor unique to pregnancy. Also, it may so happen that you do not experience any of these early signs and symptoms of pregnancy but you are pregnant!

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful things to happen to a woman if she is wishing to be a mother. We have heard it often when a woman says that she is feeling she is pregnant or she just knows a baby is forming in her womb just after conception. However, for the less intuitive ones like us, however, we can rely on the signs and Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms. There are a number of Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms which will help you in detecting pregnancy. When you are expecting a baby, you can always go and consult the doctor, but these are some of the easy ways of detecting if you are pregnant or not. You can do most of this Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms detection yourself.

One of the commonest early sings is considered when you miss a menstrual cycle. But since irregularity in periods can be associated with so many other problems in a woman, this symptom doesn’t confirm your pregnancy unless you follow this up with a medical test and it reveals so. Implantation bleeding can be considered one of the important Early Pregnancy Sign. This is associated with the spotting or bleeding of the vagina after about 12 days, after conception. The bleeding that occurs is pinkish or brownish in color.

One of the Early Pregnancy Sign can be associated with swollen and sensitive breasts, which mainly occur 2 weeks after conception. Morning sickness accompanied by nausea is a common sign. Frequent urination can also be taken as one of the early signs for detecting pregnancy. Constipation, backaches and headaches are some of the common symptoms of pregnancy. Hormonal changes are often responsible for the bloating of the abdomen. You will also experience a raised basal body temperature. Also, mood swings and craving for foods tasting sweet, sour or salty are quite common.

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During the days of pregnancy, the expecting mother can also experience fatigue which results due to the increase in the progesterone level. Also, one may feel dizziness and fainting during these times is not uncommon.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

These are usually associated with nausea, vomiting and other such symptoms. Another of the popular signs and symptoms of pregnancy is when you feel sore breasts. If you feel your nipples or breasts sensitive, just the way they feel before periods, then its time for you to consult your gynecologist. Sensitive breasts can also be followed with darkening of the areola, i.e. the surrounding portion of the nipples.

Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

If you are pregnant will also feel an extra amount of vaginal discharge accompanied by more frequent urination. There can be frequent headaches, raised body temperature, constipation, fatigue, hunger, weepiness, and heartburn. All these early symptoms taken together can almost assure you are pregnant which means now you need to take the pregnancy test for confirmation.