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Gestation Period Pregnancy

Pregnancy Gestation: What is Gestation Period

What is Gestation Period Carrying of an embryo or fetus inside a female viviparous animal is termed as Gestation. Human being during Pregnancy can have one or more gestation at the same time, also referred...
Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan: Purpose, Procedure & Preparation

Ultrasound is basically a method that uses sound waves to study the internal parts of the body and in the case of a pregnant women, her womb to check the fetus. High-frequency sound waves...
Test Tube Babies (IVF)

Test Tube Babies (IVF): Process, Method and Information

Test Tube Baby Information  Test Tube Babies are another name of the babies who are born of In vitro fertilization (IVF). This technique of reproduction is named as test tube babies because the fertilization of...