Is It Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Sex During Pregnancy

Many women wonder if it is safe to have sex while pregnant, or even if they should be having sex at all. All women are different, and women may find that even individual pregnancies leave their body feeling and responding differently.

So, Is It Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy? Yes, if you are having a normal, healthy pregnancy. While there are a few things you and your partner should be mindful of, overall as long as you are comfortable intercourse is safe and should remain an enjoyable part of your relationship. Once you have given birth it will take time to recover, and with a new little one sex may be the furthest thing from either of your minds so it might be a good time to get in a little lovin’! 

Pregnancy always incites questions in the mind of expecting mothers. One such question is about sex during pregnancy. There are many preconceived notions regarding this frequently asked question of whether sex is permissible or not. Sexual activities with partners often suffer a setback during pregnancy. There are few couples who really enjoy having sex during this time.

If you aren’t overcome with nausea and fatigue and instead find yourself craving some intimate time with your partner, the good news is that as long as you are having a healthy pregnancy you can have sex while pregnant. As your third trimester comes around you may have to get a little creative with how you and your partner have intercourse, but it can be part of the fun.

Even after a woman has conceived, there are still various questions that might need clarification. Pregnancy is a major event in a woman’s life and her with the help of her spouse will do everything to make those months before the delivery of the baby both safe and enjoyable. Regular check-ups with the proper physician is a must during pregnancy and all the guidance that will be given by the healthcare provider needs to be followed to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

Can I Have Sex While Pregnant?

Do many expectant parents worry that sex can be harmful during pregnancy, but is it so? Well, this actually varies according to the health of both the mother and the baby. Thus there is no reason why Sex and Pregnancy cannot go hand in hand. Having sex while pregnant can be enjoyable and a little awkward to keep a sense of humor along with your creativity.

Some of the common questions asked by the couple to her physician regarding Pregnancy Sex are:-

  • Is It Is Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?
  • When Is It Not Safe?
  • Can Sex Harm The Baby?
  • Can Intercourse Or Orgasm Cause Miscarriage Or Contractions?
  • Is It Normal For My Sex Drive To Increase Or Decrease During Pregnancy?

Well, the easiest answer to all these questions is that, if the women are having a normal pregnancy, sex is considered safe during all the stages of the pregnancy cycle. A normal pregnancy is one, which is considered the most low-risk for any types of complications like miscarriage, pre-term labor, bleeding and so on. Otherwise, it is advisable not to risk the baby by having sex, especially women with high-risk pregnancies.

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When is Sex During Pregnancy Not Safe?

Sometimes you need to exercise caution regarding sex, no matter how much your fluctuating hormones may be demanding it. If you have placenta previa, where your placenta covers part or all of your cervix, sex while pregnant is not safe. When you have placenta pervia if the penis comes into contact with the cervix or if you have an orgasm the placenta can be traumatized and cause bleeding. The bleeding can be severe enough to cause severe complications with your pregnancy.

You should also avoid sex while pregnant if you have vaginal bleeding, unusual discharge or if your water has broken. Once your waters break your baby is not protected against infection. If you are having preterm labor or have had it in the last few weeks you don’t want to be stimulating anything with orgasms. If you have cervical insufficiency, this is a medical condition in which a pregnant woman’s cervix begins to dilate (widen) and efface (thin) before her pregnancy has reached full term, you should also avoid having sex.

If you have any concerns or questions your doctor can address them. If you are an at risk pregnancy, your health care provider will advise you against intercourse if they feel it is detrimental to yours or your baby’s health.

I Feel Great, My Doctor Said It’s OK, But My Partner Is Uncomfortable

You’re not alone. Many men feel uncomfortable having sex with their partner when she is in the later stages of pregnancy. You can help him to feel more at ease having sex with you by explaining a few things. Most commonly, men feel awkward about hurting the baby. With a little reassurance and explanations, your partner should be fine to continue having sex. In other circumstances, much rarer, your partner may feel uncomfortable with your transition from sexual partner to the mother figure. If your husband or partner is feeling uncomfortable with having sex with you because you are pregnant, counseling can help.
Explain to your partner that the baby is well protected, its surrounded and cushioned by amniotic fluid and further protected by your uterus and muscle layer. There is also a mucus plug inside your cervix which guards your baby against infection – he can rest assured none of the semen he ejaculates is going to join your infant in the amniotic sac. Once your partner overcomes his initial concerns, you will find that he is keen to have sex while pregnant.

A Caution Against STD’s

Once you are pregnant the likelihood of you conceiving again is very slim; superfetation (a pregnant woman releases an egg a few weeks into her pregnancy which is fertilized again) can occur but it is extremely rare. Many people relax once they are pregnant – mission accomplished right? What you shouldn’t relax about are sexually transmitted infections. If you or your partner is having sex with other people or your partner already has an STD then you should still be using a barrier method of protection. This will protect you and your baby against sexually transmitted disease.

When is Sex Advisable or Non-Advisable 

Sex is always considered safe if you are having a normal pregnancy. Regular visits to the doctor are important as you will be guided whether your pregnancy is normal or not. Normal pregnancy is considered to be the situation when there are low risks involved. Risks like pre-term labor, miscarriages, and bleeding. One should never have sex if she has a history of premature birth, there is a leakage in the amniotic fluid, having twins/ triplets, or mysterious bleeding/cramps. Safe sex during pregnancy is very important and these points may assist you.

Pregnancy and Sex

There are certain factors on which intercourse during pregnancy depends. Beliefs about sex, previous notions about sex during pregnancy, emotional factors, your partner’s agreement and beliefs regarding it and also the physical attributes during your pregnancy. Fear of sex can be a grave reason for not involving in sexual acts. The woman or the man might be insecure about hurting the baby but this idea is simply very wrong. Since the woman’s size increases she might and her partner might feel awkward about the whole procedure. Sex during pregnancy can turn into a nightmare due to other reasons like nausea, frequent urination, and tiredness.

The best thing to do is to ask the health provider about the Stages of Pregnancy and if it is okay to have sex during that time. If both the partners are comfortable and don’t have any problem, then Pregnancy Sex for them will go as smoothly as can be possible.

Sex Can be Pleasurable

During pregnancy, sex can be very pleasurable from both the sides. Unless your doctor advice you to abstain from it, you can have sex as per your comfort. Physical factors like enlargement of the genital area, extra lubrication in the vagina help induce better satisfaction during pregnancy. Besides, there are no worries relating to unwanted pregnancy, using birth control devices and one can find it refreshing after a long time.

Pregnant women often find it less motivating to indulge in sexual activities due to a host of problems and changes in themselves.

This period requires assurance and mutual sensitive approaches to tackle the problems. Not just intercourse enjoyment can come through mutual masturbation, romantic night outs, and innovative sexual postures.

Is Sex While Pregnant Going To Bring On Labor?

This is a question which concerns many mom’s, but there is no scientific research which backs up the claim that having sex brings on labor. Orgasms and nipple stimulation can bring on mild uterine contractions, but they aren’t enough to kick-start your labor and the birth of your child. Some women swear by it, we say the baby will come when its ready.

Listen to your body, be mindful of your belly and position and remember that intimacy comes in all sorts of ways. If you are cautioned not to have sex express your love in other ways. While you’re pregnant be creative and loving, it may be the last chance you get for a while once your little one is here and you’re recovering from the birth!