Huge Pregnant Belly Size: Is it Normal to Look Big Belly During Pregnancy?

Huge Pregnant Belly Size

Is it Normal to Look Huge Pregnant Belly Size? A pregnant woman is going to give birth to another life. Hence a strict monitor of her body and health all through her pregnancy is mandatory. While it is common that each pregnancy is unique and different than the other, it is important to know whether she is carrying a healthy baby while still being healthy herself. One important aspect to exercise caution is the pregnant belly size. A general myth is that people consider the huge pregnant belly as a healthy growth of the baby. However, it is not so in all the cases. Let us discuss more.

Huge Pregnant Belly Size: The Causes

1. Miscalculated age of the fetus: In most cases, the size of the belly would correspond to the age of the fetus. Thus, it is quite common that a misrepresentation of the last period date leads to the error in getting the age of the fetus which could have grown its size in the normal course. So, an ultrasound scan would be an ideal solution to rectify the report.

2. Multi-Baby pregnancy: Where the pregnancy is the one with multiple babies in the Uterus, the belly size could be increasing rapidly due to the rapid growth of the two or three babies inside.

3. Too much of Amniotic Fluids: While Amniotic fluids are necessary for a healthy baby to be delivered conveniently, the excess of those could cause the belly bulge. It is advised to check with the doctor immediately to control the fluid count.

4. The gastric effect from Irregular eating habits: During pregnancy, as the month’s progress, the uterus size expands and compresses the stomach to adjust to the baby growth. Thus, the digestive system gets impacted and Gas is formed during the pregnancy. If the eating habits are not regular and in control, the already existing gastric issues can cause more concerns like bloating, constipation etc., causing the abnormal shape and size of the pregnant belly.

5. Fibroids: Fibroid tumors grow rapidly in the uterus for about one-third of cases as per 2010 article for Obstetrics and Gynecology. Pelvic pain or sometimes abdominal pains are encountered. These fibroids cause an exceptional growth in the Uterus causing the increase in the belly size.

6. Huge Belly During the First Term: After confirming pregnancy, a large number of women can’t wait for their bellies to swell up. the swelling of the bellies begins to be visible after the 20th week of pregnancy. There are situations when the woman’s weight gain and the belly start to grow since the early terms. The circumference of the belly in the first trimester is as big as that of a 5-month pregnant woman. It is the opinion of medical experts that each pregnancy is unique and the body reacts differently in different situations.

Let us now see the outcomes of the big belly size during pregnancy.

  • Severe back pain in most cases could be the result of excess weight in the belly.
  • Heavy and short breath could be caused due to the rapid uterus growth affecting the respiratory organs.
  • Sleeplessness, which is a normal situation for pregnant ladies would be even more complicated in the case of huge belly pregnancies.
  • The abnormal shape could cause mental stigma for the woman, thus impeding the speedy recovery after pregnancy.
  • Stretch marks are the natural outcome of a pregnancy, which could become more stressful with abnormal sizes.
  • Too much stretching would loosen the muscles which could cause a concern to regain shape.

Medical observation is necessary when there is vaginal bleeding, reduced fetal movement, severe constipation etc.