Can You Get Pregnant on the Implant Nexplanon?

What is the Birth Control Implant?

A birth control implant is a device that is inserted under a woman’s skin, usually under her arm, which gives produces an artificial hormone that prevents ovulation. The most common implant available is Nexplanon, a new version of Implanon. These implants last for up to three years although they can be removed at any time before then.

These implants have been found to have a 99% success rate with only 1 in every 100 woman getting pregnant while on an implant making the best birth control method out there. Since it goes in the arm, there is no chance of you for getting to take it. It will be there all the time. It works as well as sterilization or IUD’s.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t be pregnant when you install the implant. It is better to use other birth control moethods such as condoms during the first two weeks after your implant has been installed, unless it was installed five days after your period. Remember to remove the implant when its time ends, as after that it cannot be relied upon to prevent pregnancies.

You may also experience a change in your menstruation patterns. Some women experience a heavier flow, some encounter light spotting and some stop bleeding altogether. You should see your doctor if the cycle becomes too disrupted. Women who have diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, headaches, epilepsy, depression, and gallbladder disease or are breastfeeding should not install the implants. Additionally, women who have had a history of breast cancer or any other kind of cancer, liver disease, unusual vaginal bleeding, a history of heart attacks or strokes or a history of serious blood clots should also not install the implants.

There aren’t a lot of problems wit the implants. In some cases, although rare, the arm starts to pain constantly, an infection grows or a scar forms where the implant was inserted. An added benefit of the implant is that period pains go away. Moreover, 1 in 3 people stop getting their periods after a year of using the implants. Imagine that, no periods to worry about!

Does the Implant Prevent STDs?

The implant in no way affects your fertility. If after a time you choose to get pregnant, you can take out the implant and start trying immediately. It is possible to get pregnant as soon as your implant is out. Some possible side effects of the implant include headaches, dizziness, ovarian cysts, breast pain, weight gain or nausea. It completely normal to experience all of this, however if it proceeds into something that is alarming, you should see your doctor. Although the implants are the most effective birth control they do not provide protection against STD’s. You should use condoms or other methods to prevent STD’s.

If you are on any other kind of medication for whatever reasons, you should use another birth control methods along with using implants. The medication might mitigate some of the effects of the implants possibly causing an unwanted pregnancy. Some of the medications include, antibiotics, anti-seizures, and tuberculosis and migraine medications. Women on the heavier side may have higher chances of implant failure, which is why it is always a good idea to use a second birth control method as well.

Implanon vs Nexplanon Birth Control Implant

If you experience any of the symptoms of pregnancy while on the implant, it may well just be your body’s reaction to it. It is almost impossible to get pregnant while on Implanon or Nexplanon. If however, you experience severe abdominal pains, chest pain, shortness of breath, severe headaches or migraines, blurred vision, severe leg and arm pain or numbness, after installing the implants you should get medical help immediately.

The birth control implants are your best shot at preventing an unwanted pregnancy. There will be no danger of leaks nor will there be any risk of missing the medication. There won’t be any slip-ups like there are in condoms or birth pills. Once the implant has run its course and its been removed, you may feel sore around that area in your arm but it will fade away eventually. You can go on without worrying at all during the three years that you have the implant.

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