Frequent Urination During Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

Frequent Urination Symptoms

Frequent urination is one of the early signs that detect you might be pregnant. During this time of pregnancy most of the women complain they have frequent urination. Frequent urination during pregnancy can be treated as one of the side effects of pregnancy which is, as said earlier one of the early signs of pregnancy. The frequent urination pregnancy signs can be noticed anytime between the six to eight weeks. These symptoms can be experienced at times because there is a dramatic increase of the blood volume, which puts an extra effort in the kidneys and this results in frequent voiding of the urinary bladder.

During the pregnancy period, there is a continuous growth and expansion of the uterus continues which exerts an increased amount of pressure on the urinary bladder. So, even if your urinary bladder is not full you will feel the need to rush to the toilet. With the second trimester, this urgency lessens down in many of the cases.

However, you will find others who will have this tendency of frequent urination throughout the pregnancy. You will need to keep your fluid diet to the maximum to keep yourself hydrated. Many women think that reducing the fluid intake can help in avoiding the toilet, but that is wrong concept.

Treatment of Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

In that case immediate consultation with the doctor is a must. This is because if its not treated it can lead to kidney infection which in turn can be the cause for preterm labor. Kegel exercises can be performed to get the urinary incontinence in control.

However, you can avoid the diuretic fluids which fill in the sense of urgency to urinate.

Frequent urination is a normal pregnancy side effect. However, if the urge is associated with a burning pain while urinating there are a chances you have an infection in the urinary tract.