First Trimester of Pregnancy Development: What to Expect

First Trimester of Pregnancy

Pregnancy First Trimester is a type of investigation, which is essential for the normal development of the foetus. The would be mother might not be reflecting anything from the outside part of the body, but on the interior of the pregnant mother’s body it is detected that after the test all the foetus begins its formation.

As the embryo goes inside the uterine wall during the First Trimester of pregnancy, various developments takes place in between. The list of developments is stated as follow:-

Development of 1st Trimester Pregnancy

Amniotic Sac : This is a sac which is completely filled up with amniotic fluid named as amniotic sac. This organ protects the sac during the entire period of pregnancy.

Placenta : This is an organ on the pregnant mother which looks like a flat cake which grows during the pregnancy stage.

Umbilical Cord : This is a rope like cord, which connects the foetus to the placenta. This organ of the woman has two arteries and a vein, which can carry oxygen and nutrients to the foetus and throws the waste products from this part of the body.

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The Gynecologist has the view that there is a possibility of the foetus getting damaged during the first trimester if the pregnant mother is intoxicated towards alcohol, drugs, certain medicines and also getting affected due to rubella, which is popularly known German measles. During the pregnancy stage when the first trimester is in operation the mother’s body and the foetus tend to change rapidly.