Fibroid Tumors: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Fibroid Tumors

It is the dream of every woman to cradle a baby. Scientifically, pregnancy is the physiological condition in which the foetus develops in the female body. It is referred to as a period of gestation, when the embryo transforms itself to a foetus. It is to be stated here that fibroid tumors occurs in the female reproductive organ. It is during a test of these organs that the gynecologist detects their presence. There are larger fibroids which grow outside the ovary. When the physician feels the presence of this mass, he/she calls for an ultrasound scan. Fibroid Tumors do not make their presence felt in the form of symptoms.

For the physician tries to make out what makes for the presence of this mass. Sometimes Fibroids appear in sonograms in the nature of ovarian tumors.

Symptoms of Fibroid Tumors

It has been estimated that in about 25%, women, growth of fibroid tumors, makes its presence felt in the form of certain symptoms. This is primarily in the nature of an abnormal bleeding which sets in painful periods. This can lead to conditions of complete anemia. In general menstruation is accompanied by some amount of back and abdominal pain. However, in this case it is also symptomatic of this disorder. As the fibroid, starts growing larger in size, it may also lead to a swollen abdomen in the female victim.

Large fibroids are also a source of other problems. It is characterized by frequent urination. This arises out of the fact that the bladder cannot control itself. Other symptoms include the inability to urinate. If the fibroid extends towards the back, then it leads to constipation.

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Myomectomy and hysterectomy – specialized surgeries are recommended by the medical practitioner to a patient, who starts suffering on account of the growth of the fibre, in the reproductive organ. Thus it can be said that fibroid tumors are one of the prime causes for infertility. They become major impediments to pregnancy. Further the fibroids start exerting pressure on a neighboring organ. The person starts experiencing bouts of pain. This pain becomes intolerable after a while. It is at this time that the patient has to go in for surgery.

It is at this time that the doctor advices the patient to have her uterus removed permanently. For the removal of the organ will provide relief to the patient.

However, do seek sound medical advice.