Fertility of Men and Women: Facts and Causes

Fertility of Men and Women

The human reproduction is one of the most interesting topic which anyone interested in biological science should know. The rest of the people would also do well to know about the various information related to the reproductive system of man and woman. One of the most complex yet understandable system of reproduction amongst the mammals is that of the humans. There are various things which the general public are likely to find interesting about human reproductive system and fertility of men and women is one of them. The details about fertility of men and women are what you would find given below.

It is one of the interesting topics which is being researched upon. Recent findings have revealed that the women look more attractive during their ovulating period. The physical features of the both the male and female species of humans provide some indication to matters related to fertility of both. The fertility of men and women has an important role to play in attracting mates. Some of the problems of fertility faced by the men include the likes of infertility, loss of libido and impotency. All these problems, though, can be cured or at least reduced in intensity.

Infertility is a big problem which is being faced by the humans and the women also have to deal with it. In the modern day world, the stress levels which the people have to face has increased in humongous proportions. That is one of the reasons which causes infertility in the men and the women. Normally, the men remain fertile throughout their lifetime and are can reproduce, provided they do not have any medical problems. But the women do not have to worry about pregnancy after they have reached the stage of menopause. These details about fertility of men and women provided here are certain to be of use to you.

Common Causes of Fertility Problems in Men

Infertility refers to a biological condition in which either one of a man or women cannot contribute to the condition of conception. If repeated attempts to conceive for 12 months at a stretch do not culminate into a pregnancy, it is considered that conditions of infertility have started setting in Further if the couple is not resorting to the use of any contraceptives and yet a pregnancy does not take place, then couples have to go in for examinations. This brings us to the subject of what could be the common causes of fertility problems in men. Let us take an informative reading on what makes for the common causes of fertility problems in men.

Common Causes of Infertility in Men

In a country like England, a survey carried out to this respect ascertained that about 1 in 7 couples have difficulty in conceiving. Of this 32% of the cases could be attributed to men.

One of the common causes of fertility problems in men could be attributed to the fact that at times a blockage takes place in the ejaculatory duct of a man. The epididymi are coiled tubes which not only contain the sperm but also help to transport them from the testes. The vas deferentia are two tubes that carry sperm from the epididymis ready to be ejaculated. If these very tubes suffer a blockage, then the sperms cannot be transported to the eggs. Infection or injury are considered to contribute to this condition.

Another one of the common causes of fertility problems in men can be attributed to Varicoceles. In this condition, enlargement of veins, similar to those in the scortum can result a raise of temperature in the testes. This may consequently have an effect on the sperm production resulting into the setting in of conditions of infertility.

Causes of infertility in the male sex can also be attributed to a poor sperm production in the testes. It could also be due to an abnormal shape of the sperm.

At times, it has been medically diagnosed that the body starts developing antibodies, which destroys the sperms.

Ejaculation problems can also be the cause of a resulting condition of infertility. This could range from a complete absence of ejaculation to a retrograde one. This means that the sperm gets detracted into the bladder instead.

There could be other unexplained reasons too. Remember that conception comprises several delicate stages.

However, the good news is that there hope awaiting you in the form of treatments. Do consult your medical practitioner.

Common Causes of Fertility Problems in Women

Pregnacy is a state, which every woman wants to experience. Biologically it is the stage, post conception- in which the embryo or foetus is evolving in the womb. However, there is a commonly growing condition for which women are finding it increasingly difficult to conceive. It is now being established that about half the couples who are facing a problem in relation to conception, do so due to a problem which could be traced to the female system. Not less than 10% percent of women suffer from a problem associated with fertility.

On a reading of these Common causes of fertility problems in women, you might even realize that there is hope waiting in a corner.

Causes of Fertility Problems in Women

The term infertility is used to describe a condition in which the repeated attempts of a couple to conceive do not yield fruitful results. If it continues for about a year and the female partner is young and below the age of 35 and if the couple has refrained themselves from resorting to family planning devices, then it is considered that there is some physiological problem in the reproductive organs of the male or the female.

One of the common causes of fertility problems in women could be attributed to Endometriosis. In this condition the tissue which is usually found in the lining of the uterus, starts growing outside it. This could be either in the abdominal or the pelvic region. Usually this condition does not manifest itself in sort of symptoms. However, pain during intercourse or during the menstruation or a general pelvic pain is its possible symptoms. In order to deal with this problem, there is a need for surgery. As far as the women, is concerned, it is recommended to go for artificial insemination.

Another one of the common causes of fertility problems in women can be associated with ovulation. This means that a woman does not ovulate either or there is irregular ovulation. In this case women are prescribed a fertility medication in the form of clomid. They are also recommended vitriol fertilization.

At times it is the very quality of the eggs generated in the ovaries which become an impediment to a normal and healthy pregnancy. The eggs are subjected to infections and even the qualities of the eggs are known to decline with advancing age. In this case the best option suggested to a woman is to take recourse to an egg donor or better still to resort to the IVF method.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome refers to a condition in the ovary resulting in a delayed pregnancy to complications to even miscarriages. This could even lead to irregular menstruation. Prescribed medication has known to bear results.

Fallopian tubes help to transport the eggs to the ovary. When they get blocked or damaged, there is no scope for the egg to get fertilized. This disorder can be treated surgically.

There is light awaiting you. Make it a point to speak to you medical practioner on the methods suggested above. You could always seek a way out of the above mentioned Causes of Infertility.