Fertility Chart Will Help You to Know When You Can Get Pregnant

Fertility Chart

Fertility chart is a word in the dictionary of medical terminology for pregnancy which describes a chart that is maintained to record the observations of the fertility signs. A fertility chart helps you keep a track of your daily fertility status. This way you can also identify your fertile time. Fertility charting for pregnancy has proved quite effective because the body will always show some signs and symptoms which will provide you with clues that will tell about your fertility status all through your cycle.

The fertility chart makes it easy for you to plan the best times for intercourse when you are wishing to get pregnant. Every woman’s fertility pattern has its own share of uniqueness as they are different for the individual women and a fertility chart will only help you observe the changes that are occurring within your body during the whole process of pregnancy.

Some of the early signs of pregnancy is raised basal body temperature or BBT and the extra discharge of the cervical fluid. After ovulation there is an increase in the BBT and the Cervical fluid or the cervical mucous (CM) can be felt as a discharge by the vagina.

Making these observations and noting them down in the fertility chart will help you plan a proper time for intercourse for pregnancy and check your ovulation. You can also go for the medical tests time to time and consult your doctor and record the readings graphically.

One of the biggest advantages of charting your fertility is that you can chart out a day when you can maximize the intercourse timing which will increase the conception chances. Another advantage is you learn to recognize and identify with the hormonal fluctuations which help you determine the fertility pattern and make your TTC (Trying To Conceive) journey smooth.