12 Most Early Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Even before you miss your period and realize you may be pregnant, your body already shows clear signs of an imminent pregnancy. Immediately after conception, when the pregnancy occurs at a cellular level, the body begins to prepare itself naturally for the whole process. If you are aware of these very early pregnancy symptoms before missed period, you can stay away from that glass of wine that may jeopardize the health of your baby in the long run. Since you will miss your period around the 4th week, we will focus on the signs and symptoms you can look out for between conception and the missed period.

Most ladies will by and large involvement with slightest one early marker that they are pregnant yet it can be hard to perceive the main indications of being pregnant as they can be like a monthly cycle or even pressure. Endeavoring to consider a child is one occasion that will have you on high awareness of the adjustments in your body and paying special mind to the principal indications of pregnancy.

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Implantation Bleeding

This is one of the most telling signs of pregnancy before missed period. At around 14 days after conception, you may notice a vaginal discharge that is earlier and lighter than the usual discharge during your periods. The occurrence of this discharge is known as spotting. It may be accompanied by slight cramping and normally occurs for less than 3 days.

Breasts Become More Sensitive and Swollen

Due to hormonal changes occasioned by the pregnancy, the breasts become more sensitive and bigger. You will notice this at around two weeks after fertilization. The sensitivity will be more than the normal PMS breast sensitivity and tenderness.

Frequent Nausea & Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness is one of the most known early symptoms of pregnancy. Around 75% of women will experience nausea, feeling weak and dizzy is to be expected. As early as 14 days after conception, episodes of nausea become common during the night or day. It is also caused by hormonal changes in the body. Some odors start causing nausea since the sense of smell is amplified.

High Blood Pressure (Systolic)

Increasing blood pressure is also called systolic. Blood pressure increases during the period of eight weeks. This is a common symptom of all the women. An adequate blood pressure is very important for a pregnant woman.

Food Cravings and Repulsions

Some of your favorite food may not be appealing and some may even make you nauseous. You may find yourself yearning for certain foods rather dramatically. Conversely, you cannot stand some foods and you find them distasteful. This happens early in the pregnancy and for some, it may last the entire duration, other will be fine to eat their favorites again by their second or third trimester.

Frequents Urination

Another early sign of pregnancy is the frequent need to pee, this is caused by hormones and the extra work your kidney will be doing while filtering more blood than usual. It’s especially common at night. It may seem rather odd since you do not have a fetus pressing against your bladder yet. It is attributed to an increased flow of blood to the kidneys.

Feeling of Exhaustion

This is one of the early symptoms you may not spot easily. It is caused by low blood sugar and increased levels of progesterone in the blood. More energy is dedicated to processes that prepare the body for the baby.


This is one of the early signs of pregnancy before missed period that you may easily overlook. It is attributed to hormonal fluctuations. Headaches could be caused by low blood sugar levels, meaning your female hormones are going to your womb to care and prepare for the fetus.

Mood swings

They begin to occur pretty early during a pregnancy. You will become overly sensitive to trivial things emotionally.

Haziness and Dizziness

Since more blood is diverted to your uterus, it may take longer than usual for it to reach the brain when you stand up. This is aggravated by the fact that blood vessels dilate and the pressure drops. Low blood sugar can also be a factor.

Bloating and Constipation

You may bloat and constipate during the very early stages of pregnancy. Progesterone causes the food in the gut to pass slower leading to constipation and bloating. The easiest way to avoid bloating is to eat small portions throughout the course of your day.

Body Temperature Changes

A pregnant woman temperature changes during the period of 6 weeks. A normal body temperature 98.6F or 37Co. A pregnant woman temperature increases or decreases during this period.

Tip: Temperature should decrease the pregnant woman because it can be damage the brain newborn baby. Therefore pregnant woman must walk 40 steps.

These signs of pregnancy before your missed period should help indicate whether or not you are pregnant. Of course, there are many other early symptoms of pregnancy from lack of appetite to shortness of breath. When you notice these signs, make an appointment with your doctor. They can instruct you on how you can handle yourself and how you can alleviate some of these signs and symptoms.