Safe & Comfortable Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Comfortable Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Positions to Skip in Pregnancy Sex

During pregnancy, you must follow the comfortable sex positions in order to satisfy your sexual desires and not harming the baby at the same time. Avoiding sexual intercourse during pregnancy only makes the health of the individuals suffer. Most people avoid sex during pregnancy thinking that the thrusts while having sex might be harmful to the fetus. But without sex, there are possibilities of more harm being done to the baby inside you. Often expectant mothers are depressed at the thought of not being able to have sex for prolonged period of time. These depressions in mothers are harmful for the fetus. In order to remain sexually satisfied and cause less harm to the baby, there are certain comfortable sex positions that can be followed.

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With the comfortable sex positions, the baby is unharmed because even though there are thrusts, the fetus is protected by the amniotic fluid and the mucous membrane. If there are no health complications of the expectant mother, then the comfortable sex positions can satisfy your desires. It is said that sex is safe even during the third trimester of pregnancy. Positioning is very important while having sex during pregnancy. It is easy to have sex during the first trimester as the fetus is not much developed and so the belly is not protruded. But with the advancing of pregnancy, the belly protrudes because the baby keeps on growing. This bulging of the belly creates difficulties while having sexual intercourses.

The Best Sex Positions for Pregnant Women

Woman on top is a comfortable sex position. In this sex position, the woman lies on top of the partner and continues to have the sexual intercours. This is preferred in all the stages of pregnancy because the thrusts can be regulated and there are no pressures on the belly. Individuals can also have sex comfortably sideways. There is no weight on the abdomen by this process and the entry too is very easy. This is a very passionate form of having sex during pregnancy as you can face each other. Another comfortable sex position is spooning. This is a sexual intercourse where they lie sideways and the entry is by the rear end of the body.

How Are We Going To Do This?

During the first and second trimesters, sex while pregnant can be accomplished fairly easily. As your belly grows, a little more creativity is required. Lying flat on your back can be very uncomfortable during pregnancy, not to mention cause dizziness through the weight of your uterus pressing on your blood vessels and a potential danger to your infant. Here’s a list of the most popular positions as recommended by pregnant ladies for having sex while pregnant.

  1. Spoon – lie on your side curled in a “c” and let your husband enter from behind. C is for cozy!
  2. Side by Side – face each other and let him slip a leg over yours and enter you from an angle. Keeps his weight off you, and you aren’t doing all the work when you are on top.
  3. You On Top – (cowgirl) A favorite with many pregnant mom’s as you control the pace, you keep his weight off you and you get a little extra exercise!
  4. You On Top Facing Backwards – (reverse cowgirl) If dad to be has a belly as well this one can be a lot more comfortable as well as reducing that mood killer belly slapping.
  5. On The Edge Of The Bed – Lie on the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor, your partner can bend over you and thrust in.
  6. On All Fours – (doggy style) and your partner enters you from behind. It can be easy to get carried away with this one so make sure everyone is comfortable.
  7. On The Couch – If you sit on top and let him pull you on to his lap he can hold onto your hips and thrust fairly easily. Make sure the other kids are in bed and the front door is locked…
  8. In The Shower – Maybe because we are more relaxed or everything is a bit more slippery shower sex is highly recommended by some expectant moms. Do be careful not to slip!!!

Don’t be shy to talk about it. Use loads of pillows to support your belly and find something that works for you and your partner. If you have questions address them to your health care professional – believe me they have heard almost everything before and will give you frank and honest answers about sex while pregnant.

Sitting and having sex too is considered among comfortable sex positions. Sitting allows shifting of the pressure from the abdomen and gratifying your needs. Sex by means of rear entry too is considered to be safe. This is so because is this position, there is no pressure on the abdomen and no harm is caused to the fetus. In this sex positions, the penetration is deep and more satisfying. Having sex in this position lets you support the stomach from all sides. Many people also prefer to have oral and anal sex during pregnancy. However in this type of sex, there are chances of infection.

What about Oral Sex While Pregnant?

If your partner has a cold sore then definitely not! Genital or oral herpes can be passed on to an infant in the birthing process, and you should not engage in sexual activity if there is a risk you could contract herpes. Talk to your doctor about options and advice on the best way to make sure that everyone is protected and still happy in their relationship.

Men should also avoid blowing air into the vagina during oral sex on a pregnant woman. You can develop an air embolus which can travel to your lung and have potentially fatal consequences.