Cervical and Uterine Factors in Infertility

Cervical Factor in Infertility

What is Cervical Factor Infertility

The problem of infertility cannot be attributed to a simple medical problem. There are many in this world, who have not been spared with fighting this battle of infertility. In fact there are millions around the globe who have been affected by infertility. Recent research has shown that about 60% of cases are due to female infertility and 40% of cases arise due to male factors of infertility. Cervical and Uterine factors can be attributed as a reason for infertility. The basic concept regarding infertility stems up from the inability to conceive after even after one year of several attempts. The Cervical and Uterine factors top the list of major causes of infertility around the world.

Though there are other causes of infertility besides Cervical and Uterine factors, like Ovulation factors Fallopian tube factors, Immunology factors or inflammatory factors-both specific and non-specific endometriosis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Ovarian Cysts ,Premature Ovarian Failure ,Uterine Fibroid Tumors Endocrine Imbalances, Luteal Phase Defect, Diabetes among the many more. The factors concerning cervix and uterus are of utmost important while considering for infertility diagnosis.

The Cervical and Uterine factors normally have identifiable problems. The major problem is related with physical problems or mucus. The physical problems of the cervix is found to be more common and of high frequency when there is recurrence in miscarriages. The mucus related problems may or may not involve three major possible issues. These are, not enough mucus is present for the survival of sperm after intimate activity. The mucus is too thick and is not suitable for the sperm to survive at all. The third reason may be the presence of sperm antibodies in the mucus.

Cervical and Uterine Treatment

Though treatments and diagnosis have crowded to form a possible solution, research is still on for providing relief to those suffering from infertility problems. The Chinese Medicine Treatment for cervical and uterine factors has become quite popular in the recent times. Though not too much people have queued up for this reasonable solution, still those who have, did manage to find some relief. The Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbs, and reproductive organ massage have often been able to restore underlying deficiencies.

The effects of abdominal acupressure or even fertility massage have been very helpful for couples availing such benefits. The effects of abdominal acupressure or even fertility massage have been very helpful for couples availing such benefits. On several occasions it has even managed to alter mucus consistency and subsequent production.