Can I Bleach My Body Hair While Pregnant?

 Can I Bleach My Body Hair While Pregnant

Many of us bleach body hair while we’re pregnant, it’s a time when we want to look and feel our best. Often when a woman is pregnant she is dealing with aches, pains, swollen feet, skin outbreaks, and weight gain. Dark body hair is something many women easily get rid of by bleaching, whether they are pregnant or not.

So, Can I Bleach My Body Hair While Pregnant? It depends on your personal choice. To date, there are no well-known studies that either prove or disprove the safety of bleaching body hair while pregnant. When you or your beautician topically apply bleach to your skin to lighten body hair, there is no evidence that there is a risk of birth defects, although you should remember that this has not been well studied.

How Much Chemical Gets into Your Bloodstream?

It’s not likely that very much of the chemical seeps into your bloodstream and gets to your baby, although you should remember that there are few if any official studies. There is no proof that ammonia can cause birth defects, miscarriages, or other complications, but you should also consider that there are no studies that validate using bleach while pregnant either.

Reduce the Risks to Bleach Your Hair During Pregnancy

If you do choose to bleach your body hair, be sure to do it in a well-ventilated area and minimize the time that the bleach is in contact with your skin as much as you can. If you rinse your skin with cold water beforehand your pores will reduce and there will be less opportunity for the bleach to enter your skin.

No two people have the same rate of absorption; everyone’s skin is different. Because of this, it would be very difficult to measure the effects of bleach on the skin and upon your pregnancy.

Extra Precautions If I Bleach My Body Hair While Pregnant

If you wanted to take an extra precaution, you could avoid using bleach in your first trimester when much of your baby’s crucial development is occurring. In saying that, many women do not actually realize they are pregnant for some time in their first trimester, so you may have already used hair bleach.

Since there is no way of determining if using bleach on your body is safe or not, its up to you. There are no studies either way, and your professional health care provider can advise you further if you are worried. There are many women who go on to have perfectly healthy babies and work in hair and beauty salons where they are involved in using bleach on their clients’ bodies.