Can I Go Ice Skating While Pregnant?

Ice Skating While Pregnant

Ice skating is great for your health and it’s fun too, but should you be doing it while pregnant? Like all sporting activities, there is always a danger of falling or otherwise injuring yourself. If you fall heavily while ice skating you could find that you bring on contractions or cause the placenta to tear away from your uterus, both of which could trigger preterm delivery.

Can I Go Ice Skating While Pregnant? Answer: Not Recommended

While I know that there are women out there (particularly all you fabulous figure skaters) who will ice stake while they are pregnant, it’s very important that you listen to your body. You’re carrying precious cargo, and its all out front – making you unwieldy, heavy and gives you an altered center of gravity.

I’ve Never Been Ice Skating Before And Just Wanted To Try It…

Do not participate in ice skating if you are pregnant and have never tried it before. Your risk of falls, slips and injury is high when you are learning how to ice skate. Wait until after your pregnancy and your infant is safely delivered before trying this sport, no matter how early in your pregnancy you are.

I Live In Wisconsin (or similar) – Have You Seen How Slippery Our Winters Are?

This may well be true, you can slip and fall in any dangerous weather conditions. In fact you can trip and fall while walking down a pavement in summer. There are trip hazards and potential slips for all pregnant women whether they live in Hawaii or Alaska. I understand that, and agree that sometimes in those wintery states you may feel like your skates are the safest option, but medical advice disagrees with you and its the general advice that I am offering my readers.

What Does An ObGyn Say?

In any sport where you must maintain your balance to participate there is a risk of falling. If you’re pregnant, there are added risks. When you are pregnant, there is always the risk that a fall may cause abdominal injuries including premature separation of the placenta or premature labor. In rare circumstances it may even fatally injure your fetus. So it’s a matter of personal judgment: Do you feel confident enough in your abilities, and do you want to take the risk?

Alternatives To Ice Skating While Pregnant

If you are looking for another activity to keep you fit and healthy instead of donning your skates, consider walking, gentle jogging or yoga. You want regular, gentle exercise which will keep you fit – after all labor is going to take a lot of stamina. If you are worried about exercise or you are unsure which exercise will bet suit you while you are pregnant, speak with the medical professional who is monitoring you and your pregnancy. They will have plenty of ideas and exercise options for you that will suit your pregnancy. After all, we’re all different.

If you’re a pregnant woman and you’re skating along fine (pardon the pun) we wish you all the best; its a great method of exercise and you are obviously doing something that you love. In keeping with general professional advice however, I don’t recommend that you ice skate or roller blade while you are pregnant. Even if you feel steady on your skates, there are plenty of other people skating along too and you have no control over their actions. If they bump into you or knock you over you could risk injuring yourself or your baby. Your center of gravity is altered; your doctor will advise you to keep off ladders because your balance is altered and the same applies to any exercise which requires your feet to leave the earth.