Can I Have a Glass of Champagne While Pregnant?

Can I Have a Glass of Champagne While Pregnant

Inevitably during the course of your pregnancy, you will be presented with the question of whether or not to have a glass of champagne. Either New Year’s Eve will come around, or you’ll have a wedding that you’re attending, or some other event will create the opportunity.

So, can I have a glass of champagne while pregnant? Probably OK, but the thing you’re trying to avoid by avoiding alcohol is the daily and repeated use of it. The occasional drink is likely not going to effect your pregnancy, according to most studies and emerging professional opinion. That being said, you don’t really need to have a drink, so it’s best to avoid it if at all possible. If you find that you can’t stop yourself from drinking, you might want to explore this further to see if you have an addiction and if you feel this is the case you should seek help for that.

Can I Have a Glass of Champagne While PregnantOf course, you know that you’re not supposed to drink alcohol, but it’s not like it’s hard liquor, and it’s not as if it’s a habit or a recurring event. So can you join in on the celebration?

There’s a ton of debate over this, and much of it stems from the long-held concept of not drinking alcohol while pregnant at all. It’s most the Surgeon General’s warning that fuels the perception that it’s not good for the baby, and can lead not only to pregnancy complications but also to developmental problems once your baby is born.

How About Just a Sip During a Toast?

Having a sip of champagne during a toast is most likely entirely alright. You don’t have to finish the glass, but you can have the taste of it and there won’t be any “bad luck” of you not joining in on the toast. But if you’re going to fret and fuss about it, it’s best not to have it at all.

The stressing out about what’s going into your body has just as much effect on what you’re putting in. If you’re going to be riddled with guilt from having a sip of champagne than just forget it altogether.

Champagne Alternatives: Sparkling cider or sparkling white grape juice makes a delicious alternative to champagne, and none will be the wiser that you’re not joining in with the fun.

You don’t really have to worry about fitting in with the crowd, because if you’re showing, people will expect that you won’t be drinking, and might even be checking to see that you’re not having any champagne.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: This is mostly caused when pregnant women drink habitually and is rarely seen by women that have the occasional drink while pregnant. Of course, you should give up things like binge drinking, or having more than one drink in one sitting. But the occasional drink has been shown to be alright for most women with a normal pregnancy.

If your pregnancy has been determined to be a high risk one, then you should abstain from all alcohol for the duration of your pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Our Recommendation: Your baby isn’t getting any benefit from a glass of champagne, or any other alcohol you consume. We pose the question: If it’s not good for baby, why do it? A moment of fleeting pleasure for you or being part of the crowd is not a valid reason to indulge.

This is the time to put their needs first and put your normal behavior on hold while they’re inside you. It’s not like you’re never going to have another glass of champagne for the rest of your life, so put it in perspective and just hold off until such time that you can have it.

If you’re still on the side of the fence that says it’s OK to drink in moderation while you’re pregnant, be sure to explore the reasons why you’re doing so and see what answers you come up with.

There must be a bigger reason behind it, either you have a dependency on alcohol, or you are caving into peer pressure, or have a heightened awareness of what others think about you.