Can You Get Chiropractic Adjustments While Pregnant?

Chiropractic Adjustment While Pregnant

Getting a chiropractic adjustment while you’re pregnant might seem like a good idea, but the thought that immediately follows is that it could potentially lead to complications. Some of the actions that are performed during an adjustment are pretty impactful. So is this something you should go ahead with, or is it best to avoid it?

Can I Get a Chiropractic Adjustment While Pregnant? Yes, Chiropractors know what to do – and what not to do – when giving adjustments to a pregnant woman. Of course, they will ask you during your pre-session screening whether or not you’re pregnant, and when you let them know that you are they will adjust their adjustment accordingly. You won’t have to worry about them doing anything to you that might result in a complication. It is silly to think that a chiropractor would know that you’re pregnant, and then continue on with normal treatment. Of course, they will have an entirely different repertoire for pregnant women.

You wouldn’t want someone pushing on an area of your body that is anywhere near your belly. For example, some of the things they do are have you lie on your stomach and pressed down forcefully on your back to align your spine.

There are plenty of things that a chiropractor can do for you that don’t involve the back (which by default effects the front). They can work to align your different joints, as well as help with a neck strain, shoulder strain, and bad posture.

Your posture is very important while you’re pregnant, and it doesn’t need to suffer as much as you think it might. A chiropractor can help you maintain good posture, which trickles down to other areas of your body and makes you feel better in general.

Having your body in the proper alignment while you’re pregnant is a very good idea, and something that will make you feel better, carry the baby with less strain and should lead to better delivery. Your body can get out of alignment quickly while you’re pregnant, since your balance is off, so they’ll probably suggest that you go in for an adjustment several times while you are pregnant.

Critics of chiropractors say that they just want you to come in a lot of times so they can make more money, however, it only makes sense that you’ll want to keep putting your body back into alignment after it gets out of whack again. Many chiropractors are covered under medical insurance, so as long as the treatments are covered why not go in as often as is recommended?

The Chiropractic Debate During Pregnancy

Of course, there are those that think the entire chiropractic industry is a big sham, but for those who have an adjustment and experience the benefits from it, it is hard to argue that it doesn’t work. The reason chiropractors get so much slack is that they usually recommend things that fly in the face of conventional medicine.

A medical doctor will want to treat you with things like drugs and invasive surgery, while a chiropractor will advocate that you can treat many problems by getting the body back into proper alignment.

Many chiropractors also advise their clients about proper eating, and other methods they can take to stay healthy. Many of these suggestions fall into the category of alternative medicine, and that brings up an entirely different debate that is just as heated.

Your Opinion is All That Counts

It doesn’t really matter what people say about the chiropractic industry or chiropractors in general. If you think that it makes sense to have a chiropractic adjustment, that’s all that really matters. If you feel better after having an adjustment, then the mission was a success.

You feeling good is all that you’re after and during the nine-month period. Your baby benefits from the good feelings you have while you’re pregnant, and he might not know it but you’re actually setting up the course of her life by how you’re feeling, and how the developing inside the womb.

So continue to seek out and do things that make you feel good, like a chiropractic adjustment, and the end result will be a successful and healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.