Can I Eat a Lunchable While Pregnant?

Lunchable While Pregnant

If you’re thinking of eating a Lunchable while pregnant, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, many Lunchables that contain lunch meat in them will also contain nitrates in the meat. The meats will also be high in sodium. If there is cheese in it, it will likely be processed and not real. Also, the crackers are going to add extra salt to the mix. In the end, it’s definitely not the healthiest lunch you can eat, but if you’re in a pinch it won’t be too hard to recover from. Just don’t get into the habit of reaching for a Lunchable for your daily lunch break.

Can I Eat a Lunchable While Pregnant? There are plenty of other healthier options for you to have during your lunch. This should really be your most substantial meal of the day because it is the time when your digestive juices will be at their most productive. You should aim at eating a lighter breakfast and a lighter dinner, with your largest meal being at midday. You will notice an immediate improvement in your energy levels throughout the day, as well as your ability to get to sleep more easily without a big meal on your stomach.

A Lunchable just doesn’t cut it for size and nutrient value. It will likely leave you ravenous for dinner, at which time it will be hard not to overeat and you’ll be left with food to digest when you’re trying to get to sleep.

Can I Eat a Lunchable While PregnantDIY Lunchables: Making your own Lunchable style lunch is preferable if you need something quick and easy and something you can eat on the go. Just be sure to use quality meats that aren’t so heavily processed, real cheese, and whole wheat crackers. That is at least a major improvement from the pre-packed heavily processed items you’ll find in any Lunchable package.

It’s not that Lunchables don’t taste good, they’re made to taste great, and they’ve got that novelty to them like you’re constructing your lunch. But when you’re pregnant the stakes are high, and you don’t want to get into the habit of introducing chemicals and other additives and preservatives into your body. It’s best to be as all-natural as possible, and much of the food made by the big food manufacturers is a no-no.

Food, Inc.: You’re probably aware of the kind of food they create, and it’s easy enough to turn a blind eye to it when you’re not pregnant because avoiding it altogether is nearly impossible with how ubiquitous it is. But when you’re pregnant you should have a stronger resolve.

Try to go to the organic part of the supermarket as much as you can, or a dedicated health food store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. These places will sell you food that on the whole is much better for you than at a regular supermarket.

Of course, you know that you shouldn’t be eating fast food while you’re pregnant, and a Lunchable isn’t going to be too far off. Sure, it’s not like it’s a Big Mac or a Whopper, but it’s something that is definitely not healthy for you, and anything that is not healthy is not helping you or your baby during this developmental time.

Planning Ahead: When you plan your lunch out, make it big enough so that you’ll feel full for several hours. Also, try not to treat lunch as just something you’ll figure out while you’re on the go. That opens the door for you to eat foods you know you’re not supposed to and then write it off because you panicked because you were hungry and there were no other options.

If you truly find yourself in a situation where a Lunchable is the only thing you have available, go for it, as it won’t cause any immediate complications. But just be sure to follow it up with a sensible dinner and pledge that you won’t put yourself in that situation again.

No offense Oscar Meyer, but there’s just not enough nutritional value in it to justify eating like a pregnant woman, even with some of the enhancements they’ve made to make it seem more healthy.