Can I Eat Blue Cheese While Pregnant?

Can I Eat Blue Cheese during Pregnancy

There’s a lot of hoopla about eating cheese while pregnant, and many women with a hankering for blue cheese wonder if it’s OK to eat. The big concern here is with listeria, which is known to cause birth defects and even miscarriages.

Can I Eat Blue Cheese While Pregnant? Answer: Best to Avoid It

Blue Cheese While PregnantSo now that you’ve found out that you can’t make that Bacon Cheeseburger a Bacon Blue Cheeseburger, what else can you eat that can take the place of the rich texture and strong taste of high-quality blue cheese? Nothing else really tastes the same as blue cheese, so there’s not really a good workaround on this one. It’s just something you’re going to have to use good old fashioned willpower on.

Even though many women think that pregnancy is a time to have the wacky food cravings, and satisfy them as well, it should really be a time for responsible eating. If you were thinking of putting blue cheese on top of a salad, try switching to olive oil instead. This is a much healthier option and doesn’t cause any alarms to go off. It also provides good fats, instead of the bad fats that blue cheese has. It’s making small, subtle changes like this that can make all the difference in your pregnancy and delivery.

The big culprit is a soft cheese, and hard cheeses like cheddar have been given the green light. Blue cheese is something of a gray area because it comes in several different forms. There is the crumbly variety, and well as a harder type. But the overall consensus is that it shouldn’t be eaten, because it’s all about bacteria, and blue cheese is aged in such a way that it invites bacteria in order to give it its taste and aroma.

So the very reason why you’re craving blue cheese is the reason you should avoid it. Wait until you are done with your breastfeeding role and then dig into a plate of buffalo wings dunked in a side of blue cheese. You know what, make it a small tub, just to be safe.

Playing It Safe

Sure, you might be able to sneak in some items off of the Do Not Eat While Pregnant list, but this is not a time to bend the rules or take unnecessary risks. You should do your best to treat your body right and keep up to date with the latest discoveries on what you should avoid. It’s all about peace of mind at this time.

If something ends up going wrong in the future, you want to be able to assure yourself that you did everything right. If you cut corners here and there and something comes up later, the guilt you will have to bear will be too great.

Start a Cravings Journal

One helpful technique we’ve developed is to keep a list of all the foods you want to eat, but can’t, in a nice little journal. This way you can tell yourself that you definitely will have those foods again, just not right now. The reason the body cranks up the heat on a food craving is because it feels that you might never have it again, so it ramps up your desire until you just have to have it. By telling your brain, and hence your body, that you will definitely have these foods again at a foreseeable time in the future, you will help quell the natural response of wanting it so badly right now.

Ask Your Doctor

If you just can’t get over the cravings, and you really want blue cheese, run it past your doctor and see if they think that your pregnancy is stable enough to have it. If they give you the go-ahead, and if you must have it, try to get a brand like Kraft or some other name brand that doesn’t use actual blue cheese, but just flavorings and other artificial ingredients.

Even though this breaks our rule of only eating natural things while pregnant, it’s the lesser of two evils. Artificial blue cheese flavor will not have listeria in it, so in this instance, you can allow it.