Can I Eat Blackened Foods While Pregnant?

Eat Blackened Foods While Pregnant

Blackened food is a cooking technique which involves coating food with a blend of spices and then cooking at searing heat to bring out the flavor. By cooking the food at high heat, the outside forms a delicious crust and the zesty flavors are all brought out in the cooking process.

Can I Eat Blackened Food When Pregnant? Answer: Yes

The spices used in blackened cooking include paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic and garlic powder, onion powder, thyme and oregano. In general, hot, spicy food causes no concern to pregnant women apart from the odd bout of indigestion.

What is the blackening process?

The blackening process is typically used on coating seafood, meat and even vegetables. Blackened chicken is one of my favorite dishes. The high heat in the cooking process gives the food a nice charred crust and the food inside is spicy and rich.

Is there a link between blackened food and cancer?

The concern of blackened food is one not only to pregnant women but to people everywhere. There have been studies linking blackened food (or any burnt food) with cancer causing carcinogens. There are equally as many arguments that refute the claim, and it is difficult to draw a concrete conclusion that blackened food is linked to cancer.

Is It Safe To Eat Blackened Food While Pregnant? Are there any risks to pregnant women?

While there are no inherent risks for pregnant women eating food cooked in the blackened cooking style, women must always remember that there are certain foods which they should be avoiding. Pregnant women should be avoiding many raw foods; eggs, under cooked meat and seafood and unpasteurized foods and beverages. Pregnant women are also often advised to avoid different types of seafood, although this list is often being revised and can be found on the American Pregnancy Association. Seafood is often a concern to pregnant women because of the high levels of mercury it may contain.

Will Spicy Food Bring on My Labor?

There is a myth that spicy food can bring on labor, and while many women are keen to get the party started as their due date approaches and in many cases goes over, starting a diet of suicide wings is not the answer. There is no scientific proof that spicy food, or any food, will bring on labor. You can read our article on other myths linked to kick starting labor, be sure to let us know if you have had success with any of them.

Like most foods in pregnancy and in life in general, a varied, healthy diet is best. Eating the occasional mean of blackened chicken should be fine. Moderation is the key to everyone’s healthy life style.