Can I Have Acrylic Nails Put On When Pregnant?

Acrylic Nails Put On When Pregnant

Acrylic nails are pretty and can be a quick and inexpensive pick me up for women of all ages, but can you get them when you’re pregnant? The only known danger from acrylic nail products is the potential exposure to solvent fumes. To stay safe when having acrylic nails applied stay in a well ventilated salon and if you start to feel sick or nauseated this is a definite sign of over exposure.

There are no specific studies on the dangers of having acrylic nails applied while pregnant, so if you are only using the products occasionally and you’re in a well ventilated salon the risk should be minimal.  You are probably not going to expose yourself to enough of the hazardous fumes to put yourself at risk. If you work in a salon or any other job where you are exposed continuously to chemical fumes you should consider the risks more carefully.

Can I Get Acrylic Nails While Pregnant ? Answer: Personal Choice

You may find that when you are pregnant that you have an increased sensitivity to products used in the application of acrylic nails, particularly the odors of the solvents. Listen to your body and be mindful of how often and in what quantity you are exposing yourself to these chemicals during pregnancy.

Chances of Miscarriage

There have been studies done on the potential for miscarriage in salon workers, both in applying acrylic nails and also doing hair. A few studies showed an increased risk, and others showed no difference in risk so there is no definite answer we can give according to the risk. Because salon workers are responsible for both hair and nails its also unclear as to whether there is risk associated with just hair, just nails, a combination of the two or no risk at all.

Unless you are actually working in a salon with continued exposure to fumes you are unlikely to develop an overexposure to fumes and solvents.If you are worried, speak to your professional health care provider.

Acrylic Nails and Bacterial Infection

A bacterial infection in or around your nails is a much more likely occurrence when having acrylic nails applied, and while an infection does not necessarily have an adverse reaction to your fetus, a bacterial infection is something most expectant Mom’s want to avoid. Having to treat a nail infection can be a pain, and women, pregnant and not pregnant, are not likely to be volunteering to getting a nail infection then having to treat it.

You may find when you are pregnant you are more susceptible to infection from the application of acrylic nails – even if you have worn them before and had no issues with bacterial infection. You may also find it more painful when having the nails initially put on or while having your infills done .

If you are choosing to have your existing nails removed remember that they are often taken off with acetone, and the fumes can make you feel nauseous. The acetone can be left in contact with your acrylics for as long as twenty minutes and the smell can be overwhelming – make sure that you are in a well ventilated area and you wash your hands well after the nails  are off.

Natural Nails

Many women find that their nails are stronger during pregnancy. Perhaps now that you are pregnant it’s time to remove your acrylics and remember what your nails looked like in their natural state? Getting a manicure with your own nails can be rewarding as well as look fantastic.

Hospitals and Acrylic Nails

Unless you’re opting for a home birth you are going to be in a hospital at the end of your pregnancy. Most hospitals aren’t keen on anyone wearing artificial nails at the time of any procedure and this includes giving birth. Having your nails taken off can leave your newly exposed nail beds very sensitive and you don’t want to be worrying about that when you’ve just brought home your brand new baby.

Caring For Your Newborn With Acrylic Nails

While we all get used to having our acrylic nails on, they can still scratch and get caught on things and sometimes it’s tricky to open things or button them back up again. Newborns are tiny and fragile – scratching your baby or struggling with the fastenings on their clothes is the last thing you want to do when you are getting used to caring for your little one.

If you are working in a salon or you are regularly applying acrylic nails you should consider that constant exposure to the fumes may affect your pregnancy. It is up to your employer to make sure that you are safe at work. If you are at all worried please speak to your health care provider immediately as they will provide you medical advice.