Best Time to Enjoy Sex While Avoiding Pregnancy: When is a Woman Most Fertile

Best Time to Enjoy Sex While Avoiding Pregnancy

A Newbie’s Guide to Enjoy Sex Without The Fear of Getting Pregnant

As the idea of enjoying sex without having to get pregnant sounds attractive, there is no foolproof temporary solution to it, unless you absolutely don’t want to have kids ever and decide to go in for Sterilization or Vasectomy, which are permanent solutions for contraception. However, we can guide you on the best time to not get pregnant, when to have sex and not get pregnant, when is a woman most fertile and the basic do’s and don’ts.

Safe Days to Avoid Pregnancy: Timing is Key for Woman Fertile

Make a Period calendar for yourself, or for your wife/partner if you are a man reading this. A usual menstrual cycle lasts 28 days in most women and is calculated from the first day of your or her current period to the first day of your or her next period. Days between 1st to the 7th and 21st till the next cycle starts is the best time to not get pregnant. Any other day then that is when a woman is most fertile; having said that, if your cycle is irregular and longer than 28 days, we highly recommend you to see a Gynecologist for a better understanding of your cycle.

Awareness in the Right Direction

When to have sex and not get pregnant is to use a condom. Since the invention of a condom, it has been the most reliable way to avoid pregnancy. Other contraceptives are also available for women in the form of numerous pills and diaphragms. The pills have some minor side effects so we suggest you stick to the rather conservative ways. Condoms are also known to be safe up to almost 97% of the times and have a high success rate as compared to other methods.

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Second Chances

If you are one who has already done the deed and is scared that they or they’re significant other might be pregnant, we have got you covered for the most part of it. There are numerous over the counter emergency contraceptive pills available in the market for her. These pills need to be taken within 3-5 days of having sex depending on the drug (read up on it) being used. We do not recommend regular use of this method as these pills can have a severe effect on your or your partner’s body in the long run as they do have side effects and are very strong in nature. You can also get a ParaGard IUD within 5 days of after having sex to avoid pregnancy. This can be considered to be the most an emergency contraception, which is most effective for women.

Here you go, we have listed out the best ways for you to enjoy sex and avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. The above ways or methods are quite useful, but it’s important to know that there is nothing such as a sure shot. Everything that we’ve just told you must at all times be consulted with a certified professional, doctor or a Gynecologist. Be aware of safe sex and educate yourself over the subject. Apart from all fun and games, sex is also a privilege that should be handled with great responsibility and care. Most of all listen to your partner and act in a way that makes sex enjoyable for both equally and reflects love.