Best Sex Positions To Help You Get Pregnant Fast

Best Sex Positions To Help You Get Pregnant Fast

Even though all sex positions can get you pregnant, others are more effective in getting you pregnant fast. These are positions that lead to deeper penetration, enabling the man to deposit sperms closer to the cervix and rendering the woman higher chances of conceiving. Do this especially during ovulation and pregnancy will happen fast. Apart from the required sex positions, it is necessary that you orgasm because the contractions that happen in your uterus will help your man’s sperm travel faster to fertilize your egg. Here you can try some of the sex positions to get pregnant fast:-

1. Doggy Style

It is a great sex position for baby-making, and most men cherish it. Doggy style enables deeper penetration from behind and naturally opens up the cervix a little wider than other positions. To effect this position, the woman will bend on her knees facing away from the partner. Also, a variation of the style can have the woman lying face down with a pillow under her belly to lift her waist up for the man behind. Try doggy style to conceive faster.

Doggy Style

2. The Missionary Position

The name missionary position is believed to have come from early missionaries who preached that it was the only non-sinful sex position for Christians. However, it is one of the best sex position to enable you to to get pregnant. The traditional missionary position involves the woman lying on her back, spreading her legs and bending both knees with her feet firm on the bed. Then, the man lays on top in-between her legs facing her. The woman can as well raise one of her legs or both for the man to hold and maybe place on his shoulders. Try this position if you want to get pregnant fast.

Missionary Position

3. Rear-Entry Position

If you want to conceive a baby fast, try the rear-r-entry position. It is the best for a woman with a retro-versed uterus. It involves a woman lying on her abdomen or kneeling. It involves excellent body contact, enabling the uterus to drop to the front. This gives the sperm enough space to penetrate the cervix through to the uterus. When the sperm is landing close to the cervix, with deeper penetration, it improves the possibility of you getting pregnant.

Rear Entry Position

4. Side-By-Side Position

You and your partner can lay side-by-side in a relaxing position. It is both easy and comfortable. When it involves a partner who is overweight or has a back problem, getting pregnant fast with this style is quite easy. Lying side-by-side can be face-to-face or in the “spoon” position that allows the man to penetrate deeply from behind.

Side By Side Position

With these best sex positions, you can easily conceive a baby. Whichever position it is, keeping the penis deep inside the vagina, both during and after ejaculating, is key for that reduces minimum semen leakage. Also, when the man orgasms and is out, the woman should remain lying on her back for 20-30 more minutes for sperms to penetrate deeper. Whatever sex positions you try, make sure that you enjoy the sex. Don’t turn sex to a chore.

A large number of people think that various positions are best to select the gender of your baby. Here are we provide some sex positions, that have been popular in these days in people for the conception of the baby gender:-

The Best Position to Get Pregnant With a Boy

  • The Rear Entry Position
  • Doggy Style Position
  • The Standing Up Position

These are the sexy positions you may try to get pregnant with a Boy. These positions are so much effective and allow for conceiving a boy.

The Best Position to Get Pregnant With a Girl

  • The Missionary Position
  • Woman On Top

The above 2 positions are the best which you can try to conceive a girl.