Artificial Insemination (IUI) for Infertility Treatment: Procedure, Success Rate

Artificial Insemination

Every couple looks forward to a healthy bonny baby. Pregnancy is thereby an important stage in any woman’s life. It is the period of gestation in which the fertilized egg matures into a baby. If several attempts on the part of the couple result in unsuccessful conception in a woman, it is time to realize that conditions of infertility have started setting in. It is to be stated here that fertility treatments are here to stay. Fertility treatments include both medical and as well as surgical procedures.

Artificial Insemination (IUI) Treatment has proved to be an effective solution in solving the problem associated with pregnancy. Artificial Insemination is taken recourse to by couples in which women suffer from physiological complications like endometriosis, unexplained infertility and anovulatory infertility, to name a few. Artificial Insemination is not recommended for women who are detected with blocked fallopian tubes. Artificial Insemination is performed in the following manner:-

  • By taking recourse to medication, women’s reproductive organs are stimulated for multiple egg development to take place. The insemination would take place at the time of ovulation.
  • A man is asked to practice an abstinence from ejaculation for about 2-5 days. Through masturbation, a semen specimen is taken from.
  • The semen is washed and treated. The sperm is obtained. It is processed for about 20- 60 minutes. This depends on the technique that is being used. Thus it could vary, depending on the preference of the medical practitioner.
  • A speculum is placed in the vagina. The cervical area is gently cleaned.
  • Then the separated and washed specimen, which now comprises a purified fraction of a highly motile sperm is placed in the cervix. The cervix refers to the female opening which connects the uterus to the vagina. It could also be placed at a higher position. This being the uterine cavity. This is done by the means of a catheter.

The medical practitioner takes special care to see that nothing goes wrong as far as the Artificial Insemination is considered. It is to be noted here that this treatment might prove to be a bit too expensive for you. But if you desire to hold your baby in your arms, you should definitely go in for this treatment, if your doctor advises for it.

It is to be mentioned here that almost all fertility clinics prefer to opt for this mode of treatment.