Anovulation: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


It is every woman’s dream to be a mother. It is to be noted here that these days there are more and more cases of iInfertility, being reported. One of the Causes of Infertility, can be attributed to the condition termed – Anovulation. In the condition of Anovulation, the menstrual cycle is normal. A woman menstruates. However, her ovaries do not release a ripened egg.

The ripened egg on being fertilized would help in the resultant condition of pregnancy. In this case, the egg neither is nor released every month, which is a part of the monthly cycle.

Common Causes of Anovulation

Anovulation can result from a number of causes. This could be something to do with the diet. It can also arise when complex disruptions take place in the relation between tiny glands present in the brain. It is these glands that are responsible for the control of functions. It is due to the very nature of the problem that a woman cannot figure out the cause of her infertility. However, it is the scant nature of bleeding or erratic nature of her cycle which might lead her to go for a diagnosis. The endocrine system of the women might be prone to disturbances. Sometimes the problem arises due to a health problem. This health problem could be totally unrelated to pregnancy.

Anovulation Disease

Treatment of Anovulation & Women Infertility

The treatment of Anovulation varies depending on the condition of the patient. This depends on factors like age and medical history. Some women respond very well to the drug clomiphene citrate (Clomid). It is highly recommended to an anovulatory woman who is producing estrogen at the same time. Pergonal is suggested to a woman, whose body is not responding to clomid. It is considered that the consumption of Pergonal helps in the attempts related to the ripening of the follicle. Pergonal’s functions are targeted towards the ovaries. It directly tries to stimulate the ovaries. Once the follicle grows to a sufficient size, the HCG is administered to the woman.

Stress reduction and modifications in the diet are also suggested to the woman who is on treatment. It is also to be noted here that there are different kinds of treatments available to treat cases of infertility.

Consult your doctor. It is advisable to follow your doctor’s prescription carefully.