9 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Belly and Fetal Development

9 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Belly

Pregnancy in 9th week shows rapid development of the baby. During this stage the baby advances from embryo to a fetus. Most women in ninth week of pregnancy experience indigestion and can feel heartburn. It mostly happens due to changes in hormonal levels. Other common symptoms include nausea, tiredness, mood swings, indigestion and breathing problem. Generally women gain weight during pregnancy in 9th week. If you are experiencing low weight, you need to consult the doctor immediately.

9th Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Body Changes

You may gain weight from the ninth week of pregnancy as your appetite may improve slightly. Some women experience swelling of nose. They may experience nose bleeding or nasal congestion. This is beneficial for the cervix. To ease you problem, you may use a vaporizer. Your sexual desire may also decline as you feel tired and nauseated. You may face dental problem during pregnancy. Regularly brush your teeth so that your dental problems may be reduced.

Fetal & Baby Development in 9th Weeks of Pregnancy

The baby grows from the embryo stage to a fetus. The baby during this time measures 13 to 17 mm and nearly weighs 1 gm. The baby by this time has developed all the parts that are available in an adult human being and remains small in size. The embryonic tail disappears by this time and the baby rapidly gains weight. The heart of the baby develops further. The four chambers and valves begin to develop. Heartbeats can be detected during this stage by ultrasound technology. If it does not happen then the doctor may ask to perform various other tests to ensure the safety of the fetus. The heart beat rate is 150 beats per minute.

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The head of the baby is bigger than the rest of the body. The eyes are completely formed but it remains closed. The vocal cord and the salivary glands start to develop during this stage. The baby is also able to make fist and suck the thumb during this stage. He or she also opens the mouth for the first time during the 9th week of pregnancy.

How To Sleep During 9th Weeks Pregnancy

It is advisable not to sleep on your back during pregnancy in 9th week. Try to sleep on the side, especially the left side. This sleeping posture will help to reach more blood and nutrient to the baby. You can put a pillow under or between your legs to offer support. Wear loose and comfortable clothes to feel relaxed. Avoid incorrect postures so that you and your baby remain healthy.