9 Months Pregnant Symptoms, Belly, Cramping : What to Expect

9 month pregnancy picture
9 month pregnancy picture

The 9 months of pregnancy is by far the most crucial month in a pregnancy. This being because it is not only the time were you are most likely to conceive but also it is the time when the expectant mother goes through some vital experience of her pregnancy. Especially if it is her first time being pregnant. Down below am going to explain more on 9 months pregnant symptoms, 9 months pregnant belly and what to expect in this crucial time of a woman’s pregnancy.

9 Months Pregnant Symptoms

Whether you stand up, lie down, or sit any movement will require an effort from you just because you are nine months pregnant. Your womb has become huge that’s why it’s proving to become more and more of a challenge for you to find a comfortable position while sleeping. Eventually, the lack of proper sleep and heavy burden may lead to a consistent feeling of exhaustion making you feel tired and clumsy. Here you can find more symptoms during the 9 months of pregnancy:-

  • Swelling
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Breathing
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Skin Changes
  • Leaky Breasts
  • Fatigue or Extra Energy
  • Tingly Hands

9 Months Pregnant Baby in Womb

In the case that it’s you’re first ever pregnancy, the head of your unborn baby will have moved down to your pelvic area. Also, the uterus puts your diaphragm and stomach under less pressure leading to, fortunately, upset stomach, heartburn, and short breath occurrence being seldom but it will also lead to a feeling of heaviness at the lower part of your body. Additionally, it is seen to be possible that because of the high pressure that is put on your bladder urges to urinate may become more and more frequent. Also, the discharge from your vagina will contain more mucus and become thicker where also blood streaks may become visible. They might become more evident after sexual intercourse or the internal examination. Also, your belly might feel itchy. In continuation cervix of the uterus will grow soft in preparation of conception.

The contractions will become more and more frequent and sometimes you may be feeling like the delivery has already started but if you don’t experience these contractions on a regular basis then that is what is called false contractions before conception. They are also sometimes called practice contractions. In the case that such contractions occurring too frequently you are advised to indulge in special respiration exercises. Also, your weight will start stabilizing in the thirty-eight week of your pregnancy.

9 Month Pregnancy Tips

If you have gained less than 39 pounds or 13.2 kgs, restoring your former weight after conceiving might not be that of a challenge for you. Weighing yourself every two to three days and memorize it or better scribbling down your weight results. The moment you realize you’ve stopped gaining weight and then your weight start to diminish. This is a sign for you to be ready for conception within the next ten days. Furthermore, your womb has changed the center of gravity making it vital for you to watch your bearing.

It is advisable for you to keep your legs in a vertical position as much as possible in order to prevent varicose veins and swellings. Also to note is that your nipples may have become darker and grown larger. In addition, you might also find that miniature pimples are growing around your areola. You don’t have to be alarmed since this is what is typically referred to as Montgomery’s Tubercles and it assists to prepare your breasts for breastfeeding. So do not try to get rid of them or squeeze them. they do have a vital purpose.

So this is just some of the major attributes you will expect to experience during the 9th month of your pregnancy. So don’t get alarmed when one of this processes start showing up in your body, it’s just nature running its course and with that enjoy your 9 months pregnancy and make the best moments out it.