6 Months Pregnant Symptoms & Belly Size: What to Expect

Pregnancy at six months is a period of transition unless you got those oversize elastic pants in your wardrobe. In the sixth month of a pregnancy, a woman is three months away from being called a mother. There are various 6 months pregnant symptoms to expect.

At six months, the pregnancy is more of a full inflated balloon. Apart from becoming a regular shopper at the clothing store, what should you expect of a 6 months pregnant belly? Here is a couple of what to expect.  Before I forget, if you are asking yourself how many weeks is 6 months pregnant, it lies between 23 and 27 weeks.

6 Months Pregnant Belly & Baby Size

With that anxiety on the face and a feeling of increased adrenaline as you massage your belly granted the slightest opportunity, expect that person’ in your tummy to test fists on you. You will feel the baby giving first kicks – maybe is sending you signals of coming soon. Enjoy the kicks before that kicking becomes constant and uncomfortable.

Although the kicks are usually outward, expect kicks on your organs as well.  You might not be able to control gas, of course, you need to embrace that in private and in the public. That is the route to motherhood. You will have to put up with backaches and dreadful heartburn. You are becoming more tired and much uncomfortable, but then you need to know that it is for a while. If your partner has never or is sluggish in giving you back and foot rubs, that 6 months pregnant belly is giving you a free ticket. You have a right to demand for the rubs. Of course, you need to control your rate of farting unless you have a face gas mask for your partner.

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Between week 24 and 28, prepare to drink a sweet mix of glucose not for entertainment but to get you ready for the test of gestation diabetes. Is it painful? Oh! No. It is painless – relatively. You might skip your favorite dish tonight if the test from the lab reveal an increase in the levels of your blood sugar levels. The tests may also compel you to put up with a special diet.

If you were planning to taste everything in the food store, sorry! Try that another time. Monitoring your blood sugar level might become a daily routine. Gestation diabetes is not that bad news, it may be temporal result of pregnancy and you will be fine after delivery. With a 6 months pregnant belly, you better turn to Kegel exercises. You can skip them if you enjoy peeing in laughter moments.