40 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Development, Labor Pain

40 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy in 40th week is a very important week and is said to be the concluding week of pregnancy. You can wait for the arrival of the baby at any time. This is a very exciting period of pregnancy and is also a very challenging week.

At this stage one can experience various changes in their body. You can feel the movement of fetus as as it is grown completely and tries to get comfort. Due to increased movement of the fetus you can also feel pain. Frequent urination and severe backache are the common things that one can experience during this week. Pregnancy in 40th week means one has to take good care of their health. Be alert all the time as one can experience labor pain any moment.

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With the start of fortieth week of pregnancy your weight is increased and because of the excess weight you may find it difficult to sleep at night. The excess pressure on bladder may make you feel uncomfortable. The feet are swollen by this time and one can also experience false pains which is caused due to increased weight. By this time the nipples starts secreting white discharge.

Many women also face the problem of cramps on legs and throughout the body. Doctors often prescribe lotions in such case. Get some massage done on your legs in order to get some relief. Go for some breathing exercises in order to gain energy.

Baby Development During 40th Week of Pregnancy

During pregnancy in 40th week the baby is completely grown and weights around 6 ½ pounds to 10 pounds although the weight vary from women to women. The skull brains of the baby remain soft whereas the other bones are hardened by this time. The whole structure of the baby remains soft so that the child can easily pass through the birth canal. The sense organs of the baby become active with the start of this week. women can also feel the increased movements of the fetus.

There are lot of uneasiness that women face during pregnancy in 40th week. at this phase one must lay more importance on their diet.

Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. Increase the intake of vitamin and iron oriented food. Take adequate rest and get a good amount of sleep. Go for check ups and consult your doctor for some healthy advice. At this stage many undergo tests like sonogram biophysical profile, non-stress test and amniotic fluid index, etc.