4 Months Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, Belly – What to Expect

Now that you are 4 months pregnant, maybe you’re ready for everything.  A 4 months pregnancy, which marks the beginning of the second trimester, lasts between 13-16 weeks. During this period, most of the baby’s physical organs such as eyelids, limbs etc. have developed. The expectant mother will undergo a lot of noticeable emotional and physical changes during this period.

4 Months Pregnant

You have had nausea and other symptoms and are ready for the last half of your baby’s trip. The good news is that your nervous feelings should start very fast. Since you are in your fourth month, this is an old thing. Now you should deal with depression or heart attack when you are eating. You may never have to deal with these issues, however, as most women do not.

Imagine your belly growing from the size of a man’s fist to a melon in no less than a month between 12 week and 16 week. Sounds a bit impossible right? Well, this will be your reality when making the transition between the first trimester and the second trimester. At this point the movement will be barely noticeable, but there will be some movement. The placenta has also developed in accordance with the requirements of growing the fetus for both oxygen and nutrition purposes.

Symptoms at 4 Months of Pregnancy

During this stage, most of the expectant mother’s early pregnancy signs would have probably gone but she can still experience lingering signs of morning sickness, insomnia, loss of appetite and dry mouth that can be more severe in the case of a twin pregnancy. Other common 4 months pregnant symptoms are:-

You can have high temperatures of the body: During ovulation, your body temperature increases slightly in the morning. It will drop after a few days. If high temperatures persist, it can be considered as the first another symptom of pregnancy.

You can have breast milk and spreads: Hormonal changes cause changes in your breast to prepare for feeding the baby. Changes appear in the first 4 months and are less than the next months. That’s because the body can express itself when pregnancy is going on.

You may feel tired: This is another common symptom due to hormonal changes. Lack of energy will last only a few days and will leave as the body changes

Pelvic pain and constipation: Other things to expect in your 4 months pregnancy are pelvic pain and constipation. The reason you feel pain in your pelvic area is that of the fact that it is spreading and relaxing. Much of the pain is normal, though you should get help if you feel you are not disturbed and you cannot proceed with your normal activities. One of the best parts of your 4 months pregnancy is the fact that you will begin to feel your child going to the end. For many, it is this time that everything begins to enter the truth.

Heartburn on a regular basis: Experiencing heartburn on a regular basis might light up some negativity, but stay positive because it occurs a lot

Your physical appearance changes: At 4 months, your belly starts to show, your hair gets fuller, healthier and you experience a radiant shimmer that is described as “the glow”.

Stretch Marks: Of course, you can also begin to see stretch marks, and if you start to see stretch marks, do not let it be too much for you. There are lot of available solutions now for creating elastic in the skin and making the mark go away. So, don’t let that get through your pregnancy. IF you feel like you start talking often, it’s normal, and it’s because your glands are more active when you are pregnant. Other common causes include nose and blood cloth. These factors occur because blood volume increases slightly during pregnancy.

As with vomiting from the breast, it may occur when you are 4 months pregnant. For many, it occurs during the 5 months, but some experiences are too early. Some women never deal with it, and that’s normal too. Some of the common symptoms you will deal with will include swelling, chest and skin. The good news is that there are no permanent things. When it can cause serious disorders at the time, you will win them and you can remove them later.

4 Months Pregnant Ultrasound

Even though there is minimal movement at 4 months, it is the best period for an ultrasound during pregnancy. During this period you’ll go for an ultrasound known as the mid-pregnancy ultrasound. 12-14 Weeks is the period where the brain structure, internals, heart and collar zone can start being observed.

4 months pregnant ultrasound scan performed will show that the baby’s facial features are more developed and defined. Forehead, lips, eyes, and nose will be visibly developed and situated in their proper place. A 4 Months Pregnant Ultrasound should also help the monographer to detect the baby’s gender since its external genital organs are usually already developed. The doctor can also assess the baby’s health by using a Doppler Device to inspect fetal heartbeat. Furthermore, the ultrasound can also help to detect major physical defects at this stage.

13-16 weeks is period where you will feel the fetus movement in two dimensional images and the possibility of seeing the gender is very likely. The two-dimensional images will showcase the development of your baby’s organs.

4 Months Pregnant Baby Movement

At this point, your baby’s skeleton is still mostly rubbery cartilage, but will harden with time. Your baby will also have its own set of unique finger prints. By the end of 4 months your baby will be measured from crown to heel and be approximately 10 inches in length. This will also mark the midpoint before you reach your due date.

4 Months Pregnant Belly

The 4 months pregnant belly would be noticeably visible with the start of the second trimester. There will form a brown line from the navel to the bikini line, known as the Alba line. This line will disappear immediately after childbirth. This is both an exciting and scary period during your pregnancy. On the one hand, you and your baby have passed the danger zone, but there are many symptoms to follow. The female body is an amazingly structured operating system, designed especially for pregnancy, so fear not and takes it day by day.

A 4 Months Pregnant Belly is averagely the size of a medium-sized cabbage. The baby measures averagely 12 Centimeters and weighing between 120-180 Grams. Because the top-tip of the uterus will be lying just below the belly button, the baby bump will now begin to get more visible.

A 4 Months pregnant baby will start to make the mother to feel slight sensations of bubbles or fluttering on the lower abdomen i.e. quickening. It will also start to develop behavioral patterns, for example, when the mother wakes up or starts to move around, they may decide to sleep but when they decide to rest, they baby may now decide to wake up and start moving around. The expectant mother can experience an average of not less than four movements in one hour.