39 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Baby Development & Baby Position

39 Weeks Pregnant

Symptoms & Signs of Labor Pain During 39 Weeks of Pregnant

Pregnancy in 39th week is the arrival time of the baby. During this week one has to be very careful as you can experience labor pain at any point of time. Signs of labor pain can be experienced during this week. as the baby is fully grown and there is less space in the womb because of which the baby gets cramped inside.

The baby is ready to function outside. So, at any hour in this week one can get a labor pain. In many cases the baby is born even in the 38th week of pregnancy. It is a time when you need complete rest. At this point of time your baby might weight seven pounds. During pregnancy in 39th week the baby is in a good state and is perfectly healthy. At this stage the surfactant will increase. During this last stage of pregnancy the bay must be closely monitored.

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Many women also experience leg cramps. The thighs are swelled and feel very heavy. Swelling of the feet is the common thing to be experienced during this week. sleeping in a reclined position is the most comfortable way to relax during this time. During pregnancy in 39th week most of the women feel false labor contractions. In such cases one may not be able to talk. The real labor pain at this stage makes it difficult for you to change positions.

39 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development

In this week go for regular checkups which will help you know about child’s heartbeat and your health. He baby often look different after he is born but within few days the child grow completely and look normal. The women undergoes many changes during this week. feeling uneasiness and change in the body shape are the common things to be seen during this week. as the baby is fully developed you might feel heavier. Sometimes it become difficult for you to sit easily or get up from the bed. The breast size also become larger and heavier.

As the water may break any time one has to be alert all the time. If you feel that the water is about to break then immediately consult the doctor.

As the week is very closer to the end of pregnancy you will experience all kind of uneasiness. At this time in the process of effacement the cervix starts preparing for deliver. Once the baby gets engaged in pelvis it comes closer to cervix. With the start of pregnancy in 39th week prepare take good amount of rest and eat health for healthy delivery.