37 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor, Baby at 37th Week: What to Expect

37 Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor

Pregnancy in 37th week, almost reaches to the final stages of childbirth. This stage is marked with significant changes in the position of the baby inside the mother. Just a few weeks due for the final delivery, the mother feels anxious and excited about the whole matter. Not only changes take place in the baby but also the mother’s physical attributes. During the 37th weeks signs of labor, she feels big due to the enormous size of hey tummy and the pressure is high in the lower portions of her back.

Baby in the 37th Week of Pregnancy

The baby’s position shows a significant shift during this time. It comes down with it’s head balancing in the mother’s pelvic bone bowl. This is a common phenomenon in almost 90-95% of the deliveries. The positioning can also be knee wise, traverse, brow apart from the previous one.

Physical changes of the baby in the 37th week, like skin color, hair, weight and height becomes noticeable. Fat gets deposited on the knees, elbows and cheeks making it dimpled due to that. The baby is shaped and becomes round day by day. Skin attains a pink color that is more darker along with the wrinkles vanishing slowly steadily. Your baby’s height also increases to almost 31 inches.


Physical Changes During 37th Week of Pregnancy

In the 37th week of pregnancy, your bodily structures change quite a lot apart from the physical discomfort. Breast size increases making it more heavy and tender. Often in some women a secretion of colostrum takes place. Cracks in the nipples is another common issue. At this time the belly stretches, which might cause itchiness and other discomforts.

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With the dilation of the cervix the body prepares for the delivery of the baby which is due in a few weeks time. This is facilitated by the baby moving downwards in the mother’s pelvic region. There is a discharge of the mucus plug from the body which is a safety shield of the uterus. There might as well be other discharges which your doctor should be made aware.

This is indeed a very crucial time in the life of the expectant mother and father. Both the parents are excited but few things like keeping the bag ready or making hospital arrangements are important. The wait becomes tedious and so the mother definitely wants the baby to be finally born.