34 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound, Baby Movement & Weight

Pregnancy in 34th Week

In this phase of pregnancy in 34th week ,the baby inside the womb of the regnant woman gets gradually stronger. It is, in fact the, preparing phase of the baby to take up the challenge of the new world where it is going to be born. In this stage, the mother who is carrying the baby feels some breathing problem. She may be also found to be gasping due to falling short of breath.

The size of the uterus grows more, and, occupies the space of the neighboring areas of the body. The uterus even starts pressing on the diaphragm, as a result of which, it becomes very difficult for the lungs of the pregnant woman to expand to the full extent. The pressure on the lungs is reduced when the baby is settled deeper into the pelvis.

Baby Weight and Baby Movement During 34 Week Pregnancy

The length of the baby during pregnancy in 34th week vary between 15.5 and 17.5 inches, while the weight of the baby is a bit more or less than 5 pounds and a half. The body of the baby starts filling up with the layers of fat that helps the baby to regulate the temperature of its body. Almost all parts of the body of the baby gets matured.

The growth of the hair on the head during pregnancy in 34th week becomes faster. In addition to that, the baby blinks its eyes in regular intervals. The most interesting thing about the maturity process of the baby inside its mother’s womb is that it starts showing quite strong reactions to the voices that are, somehow familiar it.

There are many more interesting things that take place in this stage in the womb of the mother. It is a medical requirement to do some pregnancy tests. The baby is found to be, quite interestingly, to be irritated by the light or some ray.

The baby even tries to protect itself by moving its hands. In this stage of 34th week pregnancy, the fingers and the nails get well developed. In addition to that, the facial features of the baby is also developed, and becomes clearer. The baby seems to be in a posture that indicates that the baby is prepared for the delivery.

The mother in pregnancy in 34th week should be constantly kept under the supervision of a veteran medical expert.

In many cases it has been found that the baby changes its direction, and turns back to the breech position prior to the delivery. If a baby gets into the breech position, the perfect method is to undergo a cesarean operation. In that case, the baby is kept safe from any kind of injury or damage.