33 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Fetus Ultrasound, Development

33 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy in 33rd week is very serious for the pregnant woman. The baby gains weight faster than ever before. The baby fattens up outside the womb for survival. The mother carrying the baby should be fed well during her pregnancy in 33rd week. The suggestion is not that the woman should eat much in quantity.

If the woman eats much, there is no such problems, except that she will feel some physical discomfort and inconveniences. But, it should be taken care of that whatever the pregnant woman will eat, should be rich in vitamin, protein and other food values. This is one of the dire requirements of a pregnant woman during pregnancy in 33rd week. If the woman can eat fruits and vegetables, it will be very fruitful for her health and, also for the health of the baby.

The weight of the baby during pregnancy in 33rd week is a bit more or less that 5 pounds. The length of the baby in this stage is nearly 17 inches. The bones of the baby starts hardening. Only the skull of the baby does not harden since, it is required to be soft during the child birth. The baby is formed almost fully. Only the baby remains physically weak. It is in pregnancy in 33rd week that the baby is expected to settle in the uterus in a particular position.

33 Weeks Baby Movement

During pregnancy in 33rd week, the baby is very often found to be moving since each and every baby in the womb has some particular pattern of activities. The most interesting thing is that this movement of the baby is clearly felt by the mother. The frequency of the movements of the baby is nearly ten times in two hours. If it is noticed, the difference between the movements of the sleeping baby and the movements of the waking baby can be felt.

There are good number of physical problems of the pregnant women during the pregnancy in 33rd week.

For example, the mother can feel difficulty in walking, sleeping, and even in sitting. She should take much care regarding the posture of her movements in this stage of pregnancy. It is better to wear loose fitting clothes during this period of pregnancy. Another problem that the pregnant women in this stage might be facing, is insomnia. There is no reason of getting worried about this. A proper diet and some relaxation techniques can solve this problem.