32 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound, Baby Development, Symptoms

32 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy in 32nd week reaches a vital point. It is since this time that the woman who is pregnant, may be feeling a kind of contractions. These contractions are very often mistaken as labor symptoms, while the fact remains that it is a false labor symptom. Whatever the fact, during the pregnancy in 32nd week, a pregnant woman gets the idea of what labor pain is. Though the actual labor pain is much more acute,this pain also is no less serious.

During the pregnancy in 32nd week, the weight of the baby increases slightly faster. Therefore, the weight of the uterus also increases. The pregnant woman can feel some physical problems during pregnancy in 32nd week.

It would be very uncomfortable for the carrying woman to breath, sleep, sit and even to walk. The woman should also be kept under constant care, since she may faint any moment. There is no reason to get tensed over this. But, it is to be taken care of that the woman should not get hurt or injured.

32 Weeks Baby Weight & Size

The maturing process of the baby inside the womb keeps going on even in pregnancy in 32nd week. Sometimes, it also happens that that the baby is born st this stage. It is not that the death of the baby is ascertained if it is born at this time. But, the matter of concern is that there is only 50% chance of the baby surviving if it takes birth during its mother’s pregnancy in 32nd week. The length of the baby in this stage is 16 inches, and, its weight is generally nearly 4 pounds and a half. A few hairs are there in the head. The skin is reddish, and, there are wrinkles in the skin of the baby.

Common Symptoms During 32nd Week of Pregnancy

Pregnancy in 32nd week is a vital period for both the mother and the baby. The brain of the baby develops and matures in this stage. Therefore it should bu assured that the mother should, in no way, get injured. The common symptoms during 32nd week pregnancy, that most pregnant women feel, are breathlessness, fatigue, constipation, backache, faintness, bleeding gums, stretch marks, and many other health problems.

The mood of the expecting woman keep changing constantly. The woman can also suffer from insomnia. In this stage, the blood volume of the mother increases considering the large amount of blood that the woman would be losing while giving birth to the baby.