31 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development, Symptoms, Ultrasound

Pregnancy in 31st Week

31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Pregnancy in 31st week reaches a vital stage because you are nearly approaching the delivery date. During this phase the would-be mother as well as the child gains rapid weight. The baby’s demand for food increases during this stage and you need to intake lots of food to satisfy your baby’s needs. The expectant mother’s face and skin tends to glow at this stage. You can pamper yourself with scented baths and mild massages and bask in the glory of motherhood.

Baby Development During 31st Week of Pregnancy

During 31st week of pregnancy, the baby is rapidly increasing in length. The baby has almost reached 15 inches in length and nearly weighs 4 pounds during pregnancy in 31st week. The baby is able to breathe smoothly as there is immense development in the lungs of the baby. The ears have also matured and he or she is able to hear voices and can distinguish voices, which are familiar. Fingernails and toenails have also grown by this time. He or she also stretches the hands and kicks on the womb of the mother.

At this stage the baby urinates about half a liter of urine per day. The bones are becoming stronger and calcium is required for that. The baby receives nutrients through the placenta. The placenta blood flow also helps to baby to urinate.

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You need to examine the amniotic fluid on a regular basis to detect any sort of problem in the baby. If it is found that there is excessive amount of fluid in the amniotic sac, then you need to realize that the baby is facing gastrointestinal problem or is facing difficulty to swallow food. However, if the fluid amount is less, then you need to understand that the baby is not urinating properly or he or she is having some problem in the kidney.

Changes in Body During 31st Week Pregnancy

During this phase the pregnant woman gains weight between 21 to 27 pounds.

You may also face severe back pains. Change in breast size is also noticeable. A white yellow substance known as colostrum is secreted and continues for several days after the birth of the baby. Most women also face Braxton Hicks contractions during this week. If you are facing constipation, then you are advised to take warm bath with baking soda.

Wear loose fitted garments for comfort. Stitch maternity gowns to accommodate yourself. Visit the physician on a regular basis and maintain a healthy diet. Keep a positive overlook and remain happy.