30 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound, Belly, Baby Position

30 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy in 30th Week leads to the middle of the third trimester. It is the 8th month of pregnancy and you are nearly approaching your delivery date. The 30th week of pregnancy is more or less the final stage and the expectant mother may feel restless. But try to relax at this phase. You may feel fatigue and exhausted during this phase. Take time to relax and rest properly.

Once you have reached the 30th week of pregnancy, indulge in light exercises such as yoga and walking to increase your stamina. Talk to your physician regarding this and take part in these exercises only when the doctor recommends you. It may also happen that the gynecologist advice for complete bed rest. You can use reclining beds for a comfortable posture.

Baby Development & Baby Position During 30th Week of Pregnancy

The baby at this stage is nearly 3 pounds in weight and measures between 14 to 17 inches. During this phase the baby becomes sensitive about his or her surroundings. He or she develops a waking and sleeping pattern of its own. By this time, the baby is occupying major part of the uterine cavity. He or she is generally in a sitting position. The brain of the baby is maturing at a fast pace at this stage. The other body organs have developed completely and is functioning in a proper manner.

Body Changes During 30th Week Pregnancy

During the 30th week of pregnancy the woman tends to gain further weight. She almost gains 1 pound every week. Both the mother and the child are developing continuously. The expectant mother may experience emotional changes and mood swings at this phase. The woman is unable to change her position fast due to extended belly. This may give her feelings that she has become slow and has also grown clumsy. Decide on comfortable sleeping positions to relax properly. Many pregnant woman tends to experience Braxton Hicks contractions during pregnancy in 30th week. Some other common symptoms faced by a pregnant woman include breathlessness, moodiness, excessive weight and discontinuous sleep.

What to Avoid During 30th Week of Pregnancy

During pregnancy in 30th week, take time to discuss about the forthcoming events with your spouse or partner. Try to finish all the necessary shopping for the child because once the baby is born, you will not become very busy with the child. Keep a positive outlook and maintain a balanced diet to remain healthy. This will also keep your baby fit. Avoid smoking and drinking during pregnancy.

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