3 Weeks Pregnant: Ultrasound, Belly Size, Symptoms and Signs

3 Weeks Pregnant Belly Size

You think you might be 3 weeks pregnant. What a life changing possibility! Can you tell by the way you look and feel at this point? 3rd Week Pregnancy is the time when the baby inside the expecting mothers is growing at a rapid rate. Pregnancy can be felt by the expecting mother and from this time, one has to go to the gynecologist for regular check ups. At this time, the doctor advises iron tablets and folic acid tablets to counter discomforts like nausea and acidity. No other medicines are allowed by the doctors that might be harmful to the fetus. There are vitamin supplements prescribed too in order to fulfill the body needs.

What are the Signs and Symptoms During 3 Weeks Pregnant?

Some women may feel some queasiness or nausea at this point. This is due to the pregnancy hormone circulating in your system. It is a little early to feel morning sickness at 3 week of pregnancy, but some women do. Sometimes you will feel a sudden aversion to a food you used to like! Your sense of smell may be heightened. You might also find that your breasts are sore and your nipples are darkening, as your body is preparing to make milk for your baby.

At three 3rd weeks of pregnancy, some women will notice some red or brownish blood spots on their underwear. These are from the embryo’s implanting itself into the wall of your uterus. If your menstrual cycle is shorter than 28 days, you may have already missed your period, which could be a sign of a 3 week pregnancy. If you have been charting your basal body temperature, and it stays high for more than 18 days, this is usually a sure sign of pregnancy. Hold on for the ride!

3 Weeks Pregnant Belly Size and Baby Development

A 3 week pregnant belly looks just like your previous non-pregnant belly, though you may be feeling a bit bloated. Being 3 weeks pregnant is really too early for your belly to look any different. In fact, women don’t usually show until 12 weeks of pregnancy, which is a long time away. A woman who has been pregnant before will tend to show a little earlier than a woman who is pregnant for the first time. In the third week of pregnancy, the baby is a ball of many cells that keeps on multiplying at a rapid rate. The blastocyts then keep on forming into various parts of the baby gradually.

Pregnancy in 3rd week leads to the formation of the placenta that helps in the growth of the baby and belly size. The placenta is also responsible for the secretion of the human chorionic gonadotropin. This is also known as the pregnancy hormone. There are amniotic fluids all around the cell that protects the baby throughout pregnancy. The embryo is formed but looks shapeless. The organs formed cannot be detected easily. The embryo is fixed very well within the uterus and the placenta and amniotic cavity inside the uterus is formed. The organs formed during this time are the spinal cord, brain, heart, gastrointestinal tract and the head begins to develop gradually.

Pregnancy in 3rd week brings about changes in the body internally and externally. There are some who gain weight while there are some expecting mothers who lose weight. Both these conditions are due to the hormonal secretions that take place in the body. The increase in hormones creates changes in appetite. There is nausea and vomiting experienced due to which many expecting mothers lose weight rapidly. The gender of the embryo is already formed with the 46 chromosomes. Many women have mild cramps in the body. Some even have increase in vaginal discharge. There are chances of weight gain for those who have increased appetite.

Excessive decrease in weight is a matter of concern in pregnancy in 3rd week. The diet during this time must include proteins, calcium, folic acid and iron. All these nutrients add up to the building of the healthy fetus. The daily activities can be easily followed during this time. There are chances of mood swings in a woman during this time. Certain exercises can be done in order to keep healthy. Alcohol, drugs, smoking and junk food must be avoided during the third week of pregnancy.