28 Weeks Pregnant Belly, Symptoms, Diet & Baby Position

28 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy in 28th Week leads you to the last trimester. You are more or less three months away from the date of delivery. During this time the body of the woman continues to gain weight. You need to undergo regular check ups and it is absolutely necessary to keep an eye on the fetal movement chart. The 28th week of pregnancy is an important one. You need to carry out certain tests such as hemoglobin test and glucose tolerance test. If you are Rh negative then an anti body test is also to be performed. An anti D injection is given during pregnancy in 28th week. This injection is to be repeated during the 36th week also.

Symptoms & Body Changes During 28th Week of Pregnancy

The pregnant woman can experience heartburn because the uterus is growing against the stomach. Other common symptoms that you may experience at this phase include insomnia, leg cramps, constipation, frequent urination and tiredness. You may feel fatigue because of maternal weight and also because the uterus has grown in size. Experiencing Braxton Hick’s contractions is also very common at this stage. To experience cramps and pains in the abdomen are normal during this stage.

Baby Position During 28th Week of Pregnancy

The baby during this phase is nearly 16 inches in length. He or she weighs around 4 pounds during this time. During this stage the baby looks little round in shape because the layers of fat are developing. The skin is wrinkled. But the wrinkling disappears after the birth. Eyelids and eyebrows have also developed by then. Eyelashes are also visible at this stage. The baby has matured a lot at this stage. He or she also sucks the thumb because the taste buds have matured. The lungs have developed and the breathing pattern is also regularized. If the baby is prematurely born, then intensive care is to be taken.

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28 Weeks Pregnant Baby Position in the Womb

You are likely to have urinary infections in this week. Make sure that you talk to your doctor if you feel a burning sensation down there when you pee. Now, here is a way to do the kick count. While your baby is active, keep your feet raised in a comfortable position in the womb. Start counting the kicks of the baby. If you get less than 10 movements in an hour, speak to your doctor about it.

It is common to feel your legs swelled up or numb during this period. Ensure that you move about enough during the day and include iron in your food. You may have noticed your breasts leaking colostrums, the first milk for the baby. Take precautions like keeping breast pads to ease the discomfort.

28 Week Pregnancy Diet & Exercise

28 Weeks Pregnancy Diet

During this stage the pregnant woman can gain about 17 to 24 pounds. You can also plan for the nursery and buy clothes, toiletries and cradle or cot for the baby during pregnancy in 28th week. This is an active phase. You can also decide on the name of the child. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to remain fit. You can also do light exercises if it suits you or if your doctor recommends you. Do not forget to visit the doctor or hospital for regular check up.