26 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Baby Development, Ultrasound, Belly

26 Weeks Pregnant

26 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Pregnancy in 26th Week means the last phase of the second time period of pregnancy. When you have reached 26th week of pregnancy, there are obvious physical changes that you may notice. The pregnant woman displays a bulging tummy and she may also experience Braxton Hick’s contraction every day. These contractions are normal during this stage of pregnancy. It has resemblance with the menstrual cramps and are painless. Braxton Hick’s contractions prepare the body for the delivery that will follow and also for the labor pain that a woman feels during delivery. You may feel tired due to muscles cramps and weight gain. Other common symptoms that you may face during pregnancy in 26th week include heart burns, muscle pains, rib pains and discomfort.

Baby & Fetus Development During 26th Week of Pregnancy

The baby grows at a steady pace during this phase. The baby is nearly 9 to 10 inches in length during this time. The length of the baby does not include the measurements of the legs. The weight of the baby during this phase is around 2 pounds. Pregnancy in 26th shows various developments in the baby. He or she starts to blink the eyes. The baby is more or less lean at this stage. The heart has started to function in a proper manner. Blood veins are developing in the lungs and the baby starts to breathe. The circulation system has also developed. Fingernails and toenails are also growing at this phase.

Changes in the body during pregnancy in 26th week: If the expectant mother is taking a proper diet, then she must have gained 20 to 23 pounds. However, the weight may vary due to water retention capacity. The pregnant woman may feel rib pains because the baby is stretching and kicking his or her legs. These minor pains are very normal at this stage. You may also experience strain and headaches during this phase.

Pregnancy in 26th week leads to weight gain. It mostly happens because of the baby and also due to surplus fluid in the body.

You must realize that this weight gain is for a temporary time period. After delivery the woman becomes normal again. You need to take sufficient rest during this time. Relax and sleep well to maintain a good health. Maintain a positive outlook. To relieve pains you may also do some light exercises such as yoga. Visit the doctor regularly and have balanced diet. Abstain from smoking and alcohol.