25 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound, Belly, Baby Development: What to Expect

25 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy in 25th week has the belly look almost like the size of a soccer ball. Even though the baby is in 25th week pregnancy, it does not appear very big and steadily gains weight. In this week of pregnancy, the sex of the baby can be easily determined by various processes. Amniocentesis and ultrasonography are the two methods by which one can know the sex of the fetus. The thought of the oncoming birth of the baby causes great stress to the would be mothers. There are greater risks of the baby being born prematurely in case of complications in this stage. Infections in this phase can lead to premature delivery of the baby.

25 Weeks Baby Development

During pregnancy in 25th week, if there is premature delivery then there are chances of the baby to survive as the internal organs are well formed. Birth of the baby during this stage has risks like infections due to less weight. In some cases, there are development problems in premature babies. In 25th week pregnancy, the growth of the baby is relatively slower than the previous weeks. This stage has maturation of the already formed organs. The bones harden and the skin of the baby gets more vernix coating. This coating helps in maintaining the body temperature and also protects the baby from the acidity of the amniotic fluid.

The development of the brain is rapid in pregnancy in 25th week. The body fats are added gradually and the skin too has smoothness compared to the wrinkled one, few weeks back. The eyes may or may not open during this time. The taste buds too have the capability to distinguish the various tastes. Changes in the baby takes place inside the womb and similarly there are changes in the mother as well. The discomforts of the initial weeks of pregnancy disappears long ago and there are physical changes like the redness in the abdomen, breasts and hips. In order to avoid these there are many creams and ointments to reduce these marks.

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Pregnancy in 25th week makes the eyes dry that can be remedied by the help of artificial tears.

Pregnancy Diet During 25th Weeks

Balanced diet and light exercises helps in keeping women healthy. There are increase in hormonal and metabolic rate. This causes extreme heat in the body and raises the temperature. Intake of fluids is advised during this stage. Food with high cholesterol especially junk food must be avoided as it increases the cholesterol level in the body. Fiber rich food can help in reducing constipation. Contractions are experienced but they are not labor pains.