23 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development, Ultrasound, Symptoms

23 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy in 23rd Week is the time when there are steady growth of the mother and the child. During this time, there are checkups which should be gone through in order to ensure the well being of your little one. The checkups during the 23rd week of pregnancy helps in monitoring the health of the baby and the mother. The weight of the baby during pregnancy in 23rd week is now over a pound. The features have developed during this stage of pregnancy and it resembles a new born baby. Most of the organs and other features are formed and the maturation of them takes place gradually. Fat depositions takes place at a rapid rate at this time of pregnancy.

23 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development

Since the baby is surrounded by fat and fluids, the skin of is looks red and wrinkled. In the pregnancy in 23rd week, the skin of the baby keeps on growing under the fat depositions. This causes the skin to hang loose. The redness of the baby in this stage is due to the pigmentation of the skin and the transparency of the skin too reduces. The baby inside can be seen to suck its thumb and kick the uterine walls that is often felt by the mother. Apart from nutrition that enters the body of the fetus from the umbilical cord, the baby also intakes the amniotic fluid which has necessary nutrition. The baby can feel its parts too at this stage.

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The pancreas have the ability to produce insulin in 23rd week pregnant women. The lungs in the baby are in a developing stage. Similarly there is growth in bones, muscles and organs. There are problems in the initial years of pregnancy but they are not seen in this phase of pregnancy. Other discomforts or problems are frequent urination, fatigue, increase in vaginal discharge, cramps in legs. In some cases, there are formation of hemorrhoids that causes bleeding from the anus. However the symptoms differ from person to person. These discomforts may or may not occur while pregnant. Contractions that occurs during labor are seen to occur in this phase of pregnancy. But these contractions are not for prolonged period. They stop after some time.

Those who are 23rd week pregnant should have a balanced and healthy diet. Would be mothers are seen to go through emotional turmoils during this stage. The hormonal changes are the primary reason for this aspects. Rest is advised and stress in any form should be avoided. Problems like high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, anemia must be taken into account and treated properly. Regular ante natal checkups will help the baby and the mother immensely. Exercises can be done during this time that keeps you healthy.