22 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, Belly, Baby Size & Position

22 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy in 22nd week is the second trimester and your baby is rapidly growing inside you. The building up of the organs and other features of the body takes place gradually. The already developed organs and features goes on to mature so that by delivery time, it is a perfect baby. There are certain discomforts that are felt during the first trimester but in this phase of pregnancy, these problems reduces and in some they vanish completely. 22nd week pregnancy requires women to take special care of themselves. This in turn will make the baby inside them develop. Pregnancy in 22nd week has the baby with all the visible features and it also makes certain movements that can be felt by the mother.

Gaining of weight of the mother and baby during pregnancy in 22nd week is very common. The baby looks similar to the new born baby but it is very thinner than a new born. There are development of the baby’s organs. The liver of the baby starts to produce enzymes for the breaking of the billirubin. In the baby, the billirubin is produced after the red blood cells are broken down. The production of billirubin is more in babies because the life of the red blood cells is very small in the body of the fetus. This billirubin produced by the baby travels from the placenta to the blood of the mother. The liver of the pregnant mother gets rid of this billirubin. In the fetus, there is the development of pancreas.

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Features like eyelids, eyebrows, tooth buds and the iris of the eye are seen to develop in pregnancy in 22nd week. The neurons in the brains goes on developing due to which the sensory systems of the baby too develops. There are movements felt by the mother as the baby keeps on moving inside the womb. In case the fetus is female, it has developed its uterus fully. 22nd week pregnancy is very much visible in a mother. There are cravings for food but care must be taken to avoid junk food. The initial pregnancy discomforts do not arise in this stage. The size of the breasts increase and the belly too protrudes considerably.

While you are pregnant in 22nd week, increase in blood pressures are felt as the baby demands more nutrition from the mother. Vaginal discharges increase because of the heavy flow of blood. The mental health of the mother must be taken into account. In many women, depression sets in. This depression is very harmful for the normal development of the baby. Exercises must be done that are light. Heavy weight lifting and strenuous exercises must be avoided. All through the pregnancy, a mother must have a healthy diet.