20 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, Belly, Baby Movement

20 Weeks Pregnant

20th Week Pregnancy: What to Expect 

Pregnancy in 20th Week is the time when an expecting mother is in the second trimester. This phase of pregnancy is considered to be the most comfortable time. There are not much discomfort experienced by the mother-to-be as was felt in the first stages of pregnancy. There are certain precautions that must be followed during this time so that the health of the baby and the mother is maintained. This phase also lets one plan the delivery of the baby. One can decide whether the birth of the baby would be normal or other methods are to be used. Pregnancy in 20th Week lets you practice breathing exercises that are beneficial in the later stages. If there are complications in the baby, it can be detected during this time.

20 Weeks Baby Development and Movement

In the twentieth week of pregnancy, the baby inside the womb has grown quite big with all its features well formed. There are movements made by the baby while pregnancy in 20th week and are felt easily by the mother. The mother can understand whether the baby inside is awake or sleeping. During this phase, there are certain developments seen in the baby. Breathing exercises are performed by the baby even though there is lack of much air and weakness of lungs. The lungs in this stage are still developing. There are hair all over the body and the scalp hair too grows rapidly. The ears of the baby are fully developed hence it can hear all the sounds inside the uterus.

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Pregnancy in 20th week has the baby in the womb covered with vernix caseosa. This is a white substance that covers the baby in order to protect it from the amniotic fluid that can cause irritation. Meconium that is a sticky substance of green color is produced by the baby. This meconium is produced by the baby because it intakes amniotic fluid with the digestive secretions. It is also produced due to the loss of cells by the baby. There are certain changes experienced by the women during this time. In most cases, there are difficulties in breathing experienced. This is so as the baby’s supply of oxygen too has to be fulfilled by the mother.

Pregnancy in 20th week has women gaining weight considerably. Stretch marks appear and are very much visible during this phase. The common discomforts experienced during this time is heartburn, constipation, urination, indigestion and itchiness. Itchiness occurs due to dehydration and there are certain natural remedies for that. Exercises can be continued during this time. A healthy diet that has all the necessary proteins and minerals must be included in the diet for keeping the mother and the baby in good health. Vitamin supplements must be taken regularly.