2 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms, Baby Development & What to Expect

2 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy in 2nd Week brings about certain changes in the formation of the embryo that will later develop into the baby. This is one of the most crucial stages for the formation of a healthy fetus that will in turn lead to birth of a healthy baby. The embryo formed in the second week of pregnancy has as many as 150 cells. These cells will form in to various layers that will later go on to develop various parts of the baby. The cells in the embryo has three layers and each of the layers grow accordingly. The three layers of the embryo are the endoderm, mesoderm and the ectoderm. Each of the layers will contribute greatly to the formation of every aspect of the baby during pregnancy in 2nd week.

Belly & Baby Development During Pregnancy in 2nd Week

The embryo inside the uterus floats and due to the secretions from the uterine lining, it remains protected. The size of the baby during pregnancy in 2nd week is hardly .1mm to .2mm. During this phase of pregnancy, the estrogen levels in the body rises considerably as there are no monthly periods. The periods stop immediately after conceiving. The energy levels are bound to increase during this time. Inside the uterus, the lining gets built that is known as endometrium. This lets the baby to grow inside and get nourishment. The baby is also well protected by this lining of the uterus. As the baby develops, the uterine lining keeps on strengthening.

Pregnancy in 2nd week leads to the formation of a strong immune system. This protects the baby and the expecting mother from any kind of infection that might occur. During the thickening of the uterine wall or ovulation, some women experience pain in the middle region of the abdomen. Various hormones are secreted that creates certain changes in the body. After ovulation, one usually experiences nausea, sleep disturbances and fatigue. The embryo inside the body is very small and so there are no visible changes physically. The breasts become tender during this time and morning sickness is also experienced.

Pregnancy in 2nd week requires an expecting mother to lead a healthy lifestyle. 2 weeks pregnant requires an expecting mother to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The diet should be monitored by including lots of green vegetables, fibrous food and many other healthy diet option. It is advisable to avoid smoking and drinking during this time as it deprives the baby of nutrition which in turn hampers its growth. Drugs too should be taken only after consulting the doctor as certain drugs may be harmful. Care should be taken that no great physical exertion or injury is done as it might hurt the baby within. Lots of rest and healthy diet are the things usually advised to those who have complications.